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The most-pinned living room ideas in 2021

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Ed Hawes
The most-pinned living room ideas in 2021

There’s no better place to go for home inspiration than Pinterest. And, with 478 million active users, Pinterest is a great way to find the latest trends.

So, what are the most searched for living room trends and colour schemes on Pinterest? Which rooms do we seek the most inspiration for? And which pictures are being pinned the most for inspiration?

15 of the most-searched living room themes on Pinterest, ranked

  1. 'Boho living room'

  2. 'Art deco living room'

  3. 'Scandi living room'

  4. 'Luxury living room'

  5. 'Modern country living room'

  6. 'Traditional living room'

  7. 'Skandi style living room'

  8. 'Japandi living room design'

  9. 'Shabby chic living room'

  10. 'Country style living room'

  11. 'Modern living room'

  12. 'French living room'

  13. 'Hamptons style living room'

  14. 'Country living room'

  15. 'Minimalist living room design'

‘Boho living room’ is the most searched living room design trend on pinterest in 2021, according to our latest research.

Pinterest shows the relative number of people looking up the term ‘boho living room’ was 15% higher in May 2021 than in January 2021, meaning that this year, this trend has been on a consistent incline.

To achieve this cosy interior style, think about using warm colours, rattan furniture and wall hangings. Boho living rooms incorporate unique pieces of decor and knick-knacks, often using a variety of textures and tones- and avoiding dark, harsh colours such as black, and low-level seating is a must! It is a great style for those working with a smaller space or on a budget.

The number of people taking to Pinterest to find some ‘Japandi living room design’ inspiration has more than doubled in search volume since 2020, meanwhile, the terms ‘modern living room’ and ‘shabby chic room’ have both fallen off significantly.

‘Japandi’ is a fusion of two interior styles- Japanese and Scandinavian. It’s a great compromise for those who like feeling cosy but aspire towards adopting a more minimalist aesthetic.

The most popular living room colour schemes in 2021

  1. 'Green living room'

  2. 'Blue living room'

  3. 'White living room'

  4. 'Black living room'

  5. 'Pink living room'

  6. 'Cream living room'

  7. 'Yellow living room decor'

  8. 'Taupe living room'

  9. 'Orange living room'

  10. 'Purple living room'

  11. 'Navy living room decor'

  12. 'Sage living room'

  13. 'Gold living room'

  14. 'Red living room'

  15. 'Grey living room decor'

UK Pinterest users have searched for ‘green living room’ more than any other colour in 2021, making green the trendiest colour of the year! Green is an earthy, natural colour which can be associated with feelings of abundance, peace and security.

Try to use rich and deep variations of the colour in your living room to add depth. If you are a little afraid of colour but still want a burst of green in your living room, consider a coloured centrepiece for your room, such as a green velvet sofa or green-toned ornaments and throws.

If you like green but prefer a more muted tone, searches for sage green living rooms are a popular choice and also on the rise! Classic blue and white living rooms have consistently high search volumes on Pinterest, while grey and gold living rooms are becoming less popular.

Which rooms do we seek the most inspiration for?

  1. 'Kitchen ideas'

  2. 'Garden ideas'

  3. 'Living room ideas'

  4. 'Girls bedroom ideas'

  5. 'Utility room ideas'

  6. 'Boys bedroom ideas'

  7. 'Conservatory ideas'

  8. 'Study room decor'

  9. 'Guest room ideas'

  10. 'Bathroom ideas'

In 2021, it looks like we have been most stuck for ideas on how to redecorate our kitchens! Searches for garden ideas have picked up significantly since March (as you might expect) and searches for living room ideas are consistently high.

If you’re looking to jazz up your own Pinterest board, or are not sure where to look for original living room inspiration, check out Swyft’s Pinterest page.

Thinking about incorporating some colour into your home and not sure how? Check out these 3 quick and easy ways to add colour into your home.


We used a Pinterest business account to analyse the weekly search volumes for different living room styles and colour schemes, and calculated the relative number of UK-based searches from the 3rd of January, 2021 to see what searches are trending in 2021.

Pinterest data compares the search volume of a term with all other searches during that week. The results are then indexed from 0 to 100 to compare the relative volume of each term.

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