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15 creative small living room TV ideas

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Ed Hawes
living room TV

Whether you have a small living room or separate TV room, space is precious. 

Finding a way to fit all the furniture into a small space, as well as angling the TV in a position where the whole family can sit down and watch isn’t as easy as you might first think. 

If you’re struggling with ideas on how to lay out your small living, or where exactly to place your TV, we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for you.

How do you decorate a small living room with a TV?

If you’re a film fanatic, or a soap devotee, you might consider a TV as decoration in the living room. It’s an essential, meaning it’s a key part of planning and decorating your room. 

So how do you decorate a small living room with a TV? 

One option is to look for ‘wall mount TV ideas for small living rooms’. This keeps your TV as the focus within the room without you having to think about fitting even more furniture into the space. All you then need to figure out is on which wall you’ll actually place your TV. 

You could also use a number of larger canvas prints and create a gallery wall which incorporates the TV. That way, you’re using the TV as decoration and still creating a cool feature in the room.  Alternatively, use two larger prints on the wall either side of the TV for symmetry. 

Where to place your TV in a small living room

Below are a number of small living room ideas for your TV. Most homes will have a multi-functional living room that includes other architectural features like a fireplace, or with other clunky furniture like a desk or a dining table. 

As such, we’ve tried to create the ultimate list of small living room ideas with TV for any situation.

1. Centre stage

The first, and probably most obvious option for where to put your TV is centre stage. If you’re looking for small living room ideas with a TV and fireplace, this is probably your best option. 

By placing the TV in the centre of the wall above the fireplace, everyone will be able to see the TV from around the room, so you can sit back and catch up on the latest telly as a family.  

TV mounted to wall

2. Within a bespoke entertainment system 

There are plenty of people creating their own entertainment systems nowadays. 

If you’re blessed with the DIY Master gene, all you’ll need is some wood and plaster. You can create a whole faux wall within your living room, create built-in shelving and install your TV in the centre. The storage can be used for other devices or DVDs. Finish the project off with a few strips of LED lights on each shelf. 

This surprisingly easy TV room idea looks incredibly professional and stylish once finished. Paint the same colour as the rest of the room for a sophisticated and luxurious style. 

3. Freestanding on a corner unit 

Of course, another option is to place the TV on a corner unit. Corner units help to utilise your space to the maximum, as they are often deep enough to hide away wires and other devices around the back. Most offer storage underneath, too, so you can keep DVDs, game consoles and remotes neat and tidy when not in use. 

TV on corner unit


4. In the alcove 

One of the most common places to have the TV in a small living room is within an alcove. You can either slot a TV unit into the alcove or install the TV onto the wall. However, this may make it difficult for everyone to see. 

Using an alcove for your TV in a small living room helps to reduce the amount of usable floor space that’s taken up. 

5. Above the fireplace 

If you’re looking for small living room ideas with a TV and fireplace, your best bet is to place the TV over the fireplace - so as not to take away from the architectural feature of the room. 

Fireplaces tend to be in the centre of the room, making it a great place to install a TV if you want to make sure that the TV can be seen from all angles within the room. 

6. Seating arrangements for small TV rooms 

While there are plenty of places to put a TV in a small living room, the issue really lies within the seating arrangements. 

If you’re a TV dinner kind of family, you want to make sure everyone gets a good view. Alternatively, if you want the household to focus less on TV, and more on board games or chit chatting, you might want to strategically place seating accordingly. 

7. Sofa beds 

Sofa beds are the perfect option for small living rooms. The  model 04 sofa bed is the perfect combination of functional and stylish. 

Small homes tend not to have much room for guests, which is why using a sofa bed in the living room gives you plenty of opportunity to host friends and family. Plus, when you’re feeling extra snuggly or lazy, you can have yourself a cosy duvet day… 

If you do have a spare room for guests, you could repurpose the space to be multifunctional. It’s unlikely everyone in the house will want to watch the same thing every day, so changing the spare room into an additional TV room gives everyone extra choice. Then, the sofa can convert into a bed when needed. 

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8. L-Shaped sofas or corner sofas

L-shaped sofas, or corner sofas, are another great option for fully utilising the space within a small living room. These sofas offer an abundance of seating for the whole family and when positioned properly, gives everyone a full view of the TV. 

9. Single armchairs 

If you’re really strapped for space, or simply don’t need so much seating in the living room, using two matching armchairs with a coffee table in between is a chic and formal style that’s great for small spaces. 

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10. Small living room decor ideas 

So, you’ve got your TV in the right position, and the seating arrangement sorted. All that’s left to do is make the space your own. 

For this, you’ll need to think about colour schemes, storage accessories, soft furnishings and decor. 


11. Behind the sofa storage

Where possible, using behind the sofa to store everything you don’t need on display is a great idea. Everything is tucked away neatly without taking up any of the main space in the room. 

Find a storage unit that’s shorter or the same height as your sofa to create a stylish sideboard effect that’s perfect for storing away bits and pieces. For inspiration, read this guide on behind the sofa storage and decor ideas


12. Narrow floating storage 

Floating storage is perfect for small spaces, as bulky storage like bookcases and display cabinets can make the room feel even smaller. 

Floating shelves and storage cubes offer the same amount of storage without taking up floor space. Being able to see as much of the floor as possible is a sneaky trick to make your room feel bigger than it is. 

Narrow shelves can line the perimeter of the room or be used within alcoves. Then, display your favourite ornaments, books and other decor on top. 

13. Hide the TV when not in use 

For those that don’t need to prioritise the TV, there are alternatives that hide the TV when not in use. This can create a clean and contemporary look in the home. Using a cabinet or closet which can be closed when not in use provides you with a clean space that can be used for entertaining guests without the lure of Netflix getting in the way. 

There are also options to have a panel in front of the TV which can move up and down when it’s not in use. 

14. Mirrors 

Mirrors are a great decor item for small spaces. Create yourself a gallery wall made up of art and mirrors for a bright and airy feel. Mirrors are great for reflecting the light around the room and giving the effect that the area is more spacious than it first seems. 

15. Hollywood chic 

If your TV room is separate from the living room, you could create a home cinema room - complete with Hollywood 20s decor. Think silky fringe on lampshades, upholstered wall panels and, of course, a clapperboard on the wall. 

You now should have lots of ideas for your small living room. We’ve suggested decor ideas, TV positioning and even seating arrangements to inspire you to create a fresh look in your room. 

To get started, shop all sofas now to find the perfect seating option for your space. You can also read our guide to buying sofas for small spaces, where you’ll find our tips to buy the right sofa for you.

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