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Living Room Decor Ideas Around Your Pink Sofa

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Ed Hawes
Living Room Ideas For Pink Sofas

Pink has always been a popular colour for a sofa. Its versatility with its many shades; whether that be peony, rose, coral, pastel, or off-pink, means that a pink sofa can be used in Scandinavian, maximalist, minimalist, contemporary and timeless interior colour schemes.  

Adding well-thought out techniques will really enhance your pink sofa and how it fits into your living room. This can be achieved by simply adding texture with scatter cushions and throws, or choosing a neutral colour scheme – to make sure the pink sofa (or armchair) stands out and is the focal point of the room. And by introducing personality with sentimental and decorative items. Here, we will take a closer look at how you can use these techniques, and more, to create the perfect living room with a pink sofa. 

What Colours Go With Pink Sofas? 

Pink Sofa Colour Scheme

The best thing about a pink sofa is that it wants to be the focal point of the room; it’s full of personality. That means it can be paired with a mixture of beautifully calming colours. Neutrals will relax a room, whereas metallics will create a sophisticated and luxurious environment. And pastel shades will form a soft, pleasing aesthetic. 

Calming Neutrals 

An interior with a calming background is the perfect setting for a pink sofa. Why? Because, let’s be honest, a pink sofa can, sometimes, be overpowering – depending on the size, shape and tone. That being said, neutral and calming colours will help balance the room. Off-whites, greys or beige walls will create a sophisticated, inviting room. Its clean aesthetics will shape the room and make the pink sofa the focal point of the room.

Using neutral accessories throughout the room will further exaggerate the focal point of the pink sofa.  

Metallic Accents 

Using metallics in any interior will add a touch of sophistication and luxury. Incorporating metallics into the colour palette with a pink sofa is a pairing that works – and works well. Metallics can be introduced through the use of lighting; start with floor lamps and side lamps – when switched on, the light will reflect off the metallic base and create an elegant ambiance. Side tables and coffee tables are also an excellent way to bring this look into the room – and are two items with a large enough presence to have an impact on the interiors’ feel. 

Using metallic decorative items can help with introducing a colourway without it being too invasive. Decorative items like throws, cushions, and candle holders will be a subtle touch. 

Softening Pastels 

Pastels are a soft, subtle colourway that promises to embrace the personality of a pink sofa. Choose from a selection of colours; Mint green, light blue, pale yellow, as an example. Either paint the walls, create a feature wall with one colour, or introduce pastels through charming accessories. 

Adding a touch of pastel will create a gentle, soft environment with a relaxing and pleasing aesthetic.

How to Decorate a Living Room with a Pink Sofa?

Having a pink sofa is not only a statement piece, but it’s a bold colour (depending on the shade), and can bring the room to life because it adds a pool of personality. That being said, when it comes to decorating a living room with a pink sofa, you should consider:

  • Creating a complementary colour scheme 
  • Make your pink sofa the focal point in the room 
  • Use accessories to add texture and pattern 
  • Consider well-placed lighting and curtains that encourages natural light 
  • Add personality and understand your personal style  

Complementary Colour Scheme

As mentioned above, using a complementary colour scheme will help the pink sofa be a focal point and standout furniture item in the living room. Colours such as metallics, neutrals and pastels work perfectly with pink sofas, not only bringing the room together but creating a calm, relaxing aesthetic.   

Create focal point 

Pink can be a bold, striking colour. Use the colour to the room’s advantage by making sure the pink sofa is the focal point of the room. Apart from using a neutral colour scheme throughout, you can also position the sofa in a way to draw attention to it. The most obvious way you can do this is by centering the pink sofa in the middle of the room – naturally drawing attention because of its position, but also highlighting the shade of pink in otherwise neutral 

Add texture and pattern 

Adding depth to your pink sofa is a great way to emphasise its colour and create interest. This can be achieved by introducing complementary coloured cushions, throws and blankets to the sofa. Texture and pattern can also be used by placing a rug underneath the pink sofa – this will help bring the room together and balance the colour palette without taking the focal point away from the sofa. 

Lighting and curtains 

Allowing natural light to filter into the room is a must for a room with a pink sofa. Making sure the curtains or blinds allow for natural light and follow the interior’s colour scheme will highlight the sofa and invite a relaxing and welcoming environment. 

What’s your overall style? 

Understand what the overall style of the room is – do you want it to follow a Scandinavian modern design, a minimalist colour scheme or a maximalist style? Is your style more contemporary than timeless? Or are you looking to create a zen-like aesthetic with a singular furniture piece – like a pink sofa – being the standout, focal point? Thinking about this area is the foundation of styling a room and will help you build the look and feel of a room. 

Add sentiment and personality

Personalise the room. Add pops of colour or personality with wall art, photography and small decorative items that hold value to you. Build a feeling of sentiment that will really make the room yours. Incorporate the colour scheme and interior style you’ve chosen through sentiment. This should help emphasize the colour and personality of your pink sofa.  

Pink Sofas Living Room Ideas

How do you tone down a Pink Sofa?

If you’ve chosen a bold, bright shade of pink it can be difficult to know how to tone down a pink sofa. Do not fear, this can be achieved by careful selection of the colours you’ve added to the room’s scheme. We’ve touched on using complementary colours above, but here a couple more ideas to help with your creativity: 

Introduce plants

Balancing the room is important when looking at a pink sofa – this can be done brilliantly by adding greenery to your living room. Buy a selection of plants, of differing sizes, and place them around the room. It will add balance, interest and blend in beautifully with the pink sofa. 

Add darker furniture

Adding dark furniture items like a walnut or black coffee table and side table, or chestnut Chesterfield armchair, will contrast greatly against the pink sofa. Wooden floorboards might also be worth thinking about, investing into. Or dark wooden curtain rail and skirting boards are ever-so-slight interior elements that will have a big impact on the room. 

If we’ve helped you decide that a pink sofa is the perfect companion for your living room then head over to our pink sofas collection page. If you’re still not sure, go ahead and order a free sample to get a feel for fabric before you buy.
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