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Moving In Together? How To Combine Your Decor Styles

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Olivia Lowry
How to decorate when you and your partner have different styles. How to agree on decor with your partner

Whether it’s your first place or your fifth, moving in together is a big deal. There’s a lot to think about when sharing a home with a partner or roomate. Who brings what furniture? How are you going to decide on paint colours? What if you disagree on the decor? Here's everything you need to know about combining decor styles with someone else.

decorating with a partner moving in together how to make decor decisions how to agree on decor disagreeing on decor

First up: the sensible stuff

You need space for yoga, they need somewhere to store their bike. Nobody wants to be getting in each other's way, so try to get on the same page before you start prioritising wall colours and curtain types. A shared understanding of how each room will be used will make it easier to agree on decor.

chesterfield sofa blue sofa blue velvet sofa blue sofa pink rug

Talk it out

Start decorating together by swapping your visions for each room. Keep communication open and talk about what you dislike and like about each other’s styles. Nail down the non-negotiables and start to map out what your styles could look like together.

blue sofa corner sofa blue velvet sofa modular sofa

Mix and match

Now it’s time to think about how you might be able to combine elements from both styles into one space. Do either of you have any furniture you really want to hang on to? Maybe your vase would look great paired with their sideboard? Or how about their rug with your favourite armchair? Take an inventory of what you’ve both got to bring and what items are better off donated. 

green sofa green velvet sofa mid century sofa terrazzo table side table

Solo space

Create specific areas for each of you to express your own personal style. This could be something as small as individual desks, or as large as a dedicated room for one of your hobbies or interests. Having your own slice of home that’s 100% for you is really important for maintaining a sense of individuality when moving in together.

green armchair green boucle armchair boucle accent chair

Clever colours

If your interior styles are really different, bring in neutral tones to each room. Incorporate beige, white and grey - these can act as a bridge between two diverse decor styles. For example - a neutral sofa or wall colour can help to harmonise contrasting decor pieces and ‘anchor’ the look down.

scandi style living room neutral living room neutral decor suede sofa

Get a second (or third) opinion

Still not seeing eye to eye? If you’re finding it hard to decide on decor, consider bringing in an outsider to help. This could be a mutual friend, an interior design service, or an online forum. With so many interior elements to combine, sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and get a second opinion.

Add accents 

Once you’ve agreed on the furniture and other big items, use soft furnishings to decorate the space. Scatter cushions, throws and decorative pillows are great ways to incorporate each style without overpowering the other.

green sofa green velvet sofa accent cushions colourful cushions

Finally: be open-minded

Hours spent curating your own Pinterest board might be pretty fun, but you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. The best thing about combining decor styles is finding things you hadn’t considered. Keep an open mind and trial items in the space if you need to before coming to a decision.
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