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Clever ideas to make your bedroom look bigger using mirrors

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Antonio Wedral
bedroom mirror

Many of us lack space in the rooms we sleep in. And even if your main bedroom isn’t too small, kid’s and teenager’s rooms are often a little pokey – and most people have a ‘box’ room, which doesn’t feel big enough for much aside from storage. But you can use some creative interior design tricks to make these rooms appear far more spacious and stylish. And one of the easiest ideas is the clever positioning of mirrors.

Mirrors make the natural light reflect in many different directions and also bring a comforting, calm feel to the room – perfect for a tranquil sleep space.

Check out these easy ways to add style and space to one of the most important rooms in your home.

1. Hang a mirror next to your window

A clever trick of the light. Putting a mirror next to your window reflects it into the bedroom. Go for a large mirror and the effect will be even better. And there’s a bonus for your good self too – the light is super flattering and you will look great in the mirror at all times, even on the groggiest of mornings.

2. Go free style

mirror against wall

A large free-standing mirror propped against a wall will really boost the sense of space in a bedroom, and the bonuses to that are you can reposition it if you’re bored and partial to moving the furniture, and it’s no faff to take it with you if you move to a new house.

3. The long way

If narrowness is the issue in your bedroom, a long, horizontal mirror is an excellent way to make the space feel wider. As you look into it, you will be able to see the room behind you, creating the illusion of a more spacious area.

4. Top tiles

How about mirrored tiling? Of course this could be a bit OTT for an entire wall, but if your bedroom has alcoves, it’s an effective (and classy) look that creates the feeling of space. Go for a softer finish to the tiles if you don’t want them to look too brassy. You could also arrange any bedroom sofas and chairs symmetrically, which will create long reflections in the alcoves.

5. Part of the furniture

Mirrored wardrobes are both a style and storage solution. Doubling up as an essential piece of bedroom furniture, your cupboards will make the room feel far bigger and lighter.

6. Go floor to ceiling

Why not put up a full floor-to-ceiling mirror on the narrowest wall of a room? It’ll put paid to the gloomy, cramped look by bouncing the light around the place. Great for the box bedroom.

7. Mix it up

multiple mirrors

Make your mirrors the focal design element of your room, by mixing it up. Buy an eclectic selection of smaller mirrors and hang them artfully around all the walls. Putting contemporary styles with classic and vintage-looking mirrors will add personality to any bedroom.

8. Keep it clean

mirror above drawers

If you’re susceptible to clutter in your bedroom, one large mirror is a great way to make a room feel cleaner and more consistent in design, and balance out the busy look of the rest of the room.

9. Opposites attract

Placing two large mirrors directly opposite each other gives the illusion of depth. It also means you will be able to see how you look in that new outfit from every angle without moving an inch.

10. All four walls

Put mirrors of different styles and sizes all over the room and the light will reflect and bounce around the whole of the space, rather than just one area. Don’t go overboard though, unless you particularly love an eccentric look.

11. Go natural

Positioning a mirror on the wall opposite your window will reflect the soft, natural light from the window into your bedroom.

12. On the table

If you’re short on wall space, use small, free-standing mirrors on bedside tables and drawers to bounce the light around the room.

Another idea to make your bedroom look spacious is to be clever with your furniture choices. Check out our guide on sofas for small spaces.

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