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Kitchen Sofa Buying and Styling Guide

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Ed Hawes
Kitchen sofa buying guide

When it comes to updating your kitchen, adding a sofa probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, a kitchen sofa can be used to completely transform your space into an inviting, multi-functional room.

Find out the benefits of incorporating a sofa into your kitchen and how best to style it for rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Why Buy a Kitchen Sofa?

Typically, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house and not somewhere you would think to relax. By adding a kitchen sofa, you can create a cosy, homely space where people will enjoy spending time in more. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party with friends, or you want to spend some time with your partner while cooking a delicious meal together, or keep a watchful eye on the kids as you prepare dinner, having a sofa in the kitchen adds a new social dynamic to the room.

Having a sofa in the kitchen can also help to divide an open-plan space into different sections so you have more dedicated spaces to play around with. If you have a smaller kitchen, then it can help pull everything together and make the room look and feel more complete while providing extra seating for guests.

What to Consider when Buying a Kitchen Sofa

Buying a sofa for a kitchen isn’t quite the same as buying a sofa for the living room. There are a few extra things you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Kitchen sofa ideas


While an element of durability is important for living room sofas, for the kitchen, it’s essential! Having a sofa in the kitchen will make it more prone to spills and stains as well as more general wear and tear. Leather is always a good option as it makes cleaning the sofa a quick, easy job. But, you are limited on colour, texture and marks and scratches are much more noticeable.

Opting for a fabric sofa gives you unlimited choices, plus our Model 01 sofa comes with removable and washable covers, making it much easier to keep your sofa looking fresh and new. For an extremely durable sofa fabric, we’d always recommend velvet as it’s less likely to scratch, mark or snag as they have no loose threads.


If you have a small kitchen and space is a concern but a sofa is appealing, make sure to choose a piece that is highly functional. For example, you could choose a sofa bed that will offer extra room for a guest to stay overnight. Or, you could opt for an ottoman which will provide both seating and storage space. Another option would be buying 1 or 2 armchairs to make a decorative statement and create a cosy seating area.


Of course, this is an important factor to think about when it comes to buying any sofa, but for the kitchen, there are a few colours that would be wise to stay away from. Even if your kitchen is predominantly white, we would advise against buying a white or even a cream sofa as you’ll notice more marks, food and drink stains. Instead, try choosing a darker colour that will contrast the colour scheme of your kitchen for a stylish sofa that can hide away the inevitable mess easier.

Sofa Kitchen Styling Ideas

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a sofa for the kitchen, that’s great! Now, it’s time to figure out what style will suit both you and the room best. Here are some of our top kitchen sofa styling ideas:

Open plan kitchen sofa

Sofas on high legs

Choosing a sofa on high legs, much like our Model 01 and Model 02 ranges, not only does this help to give the room a modern aesthetic but it’ll make it much easier to clean the kitchen floor when it becomes messy too as you can hoover or mop underneath without needing to move the sofa. And, it’s ideal for some extra storage space if you're working with a smaller room.

Corner sofas for small and large spaces

Corner sofas are not only comfortable and perfect for lounging on in the evening while cooking or enjoying some wine, but they make a great space divider too, so you can separate the kitchen into zones. While they’re usually seen more for bigger, open-plan spaces, they can be used in smaller rooms too. Our Model 03 sectional sofas allow you to choose the right amount of modules to create a sofa that will fit perfectly in any size space.

A sofa to replace dining chairs

If you have a small space but are set on wanting to include a sofa in the kitchen, you can always replace dining chairs with a sofa instead. This will create a unique and cosy setting for your meals. Simply place the sofa along a wall and the table in front of it, you may find that this arrangement can help to make your room look and feel bigger as it’ll be tucked away without any dining room chairs taking up floor space.

Take a look at our sofa measuring guide to ensure your sofa will fit your space perfectly.

Also, learn how to dress a sofa to help you get the most out of your furnishing and create a stylish, yet comfortable space.

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