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John Lewis & Partners: how to design your living room

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Ed Hawes
John Lewis & Partners: how to design your living room

Swyft has joined the John Lewis & Partners family. 

From Friday 13th August, Swyft sofas will be on show and available to buy from a collection of John Lewis stores around the UK (scroll to the bottom of the blog to see which ones). To celebrate this huge milestone, we briefly spoke to Wil Law, a John Lewis stylist, to get his thoughts on all things interiors. 

Q: Where to start when designing a living room?

Always start with how you want the room to feel. By thinking of feeling first, you will be guided to a set of colours, textures and accents that will create the right atmosphere for the room. Create a moodboard to help visualise and jot down ideas. 

Q: How to choose the right colour for a room?

The colours, particularly the depth and tone, should be dictated by the feeling first. For instance, a cosy, grounding room may have deep and dark colours that wrap around the space, which provides a sense of hugging and warmth. 

Also, consider the light that comes into the room too. In very general terms, a room with lots of natural light suits bright, cool neutrals, as these will illuminate the space. In contrast, a dark room can't be lightened with paint, so embrace the dark and go deep and bold. 

Q: What are the best pieces for flexible storage?

You should have a large expanse of storage that is not only beautiful, but practical. Combining a sideboard with smaller, functional pieces is a good place to start. 

A footstool with a hidden storage unit concealed inside the stool is perfect for hiding away phones and laptop chargers. This type of storage unit can transform a room by concealing tangles of wires that often make a space look messy. An open and flexible storage unit is also a nice element; introduce an asymmetric display unit that can house a combination of books and objects; or open frames to make a space feel airer with a selection of accessories to add character to a room.  

Q: Where can we find inspiration?

Try and look inward for inspiration; firstly, think about the colours and textures you know will make you happy. Secondly, think about an object or item that resonates with you – for example,  a painting of your favourite place which boasts a colour palette you can work a room around.

There is a wealth of inspiration online too – Pinterest and Instagram being the most obvious platforms to visit first.  To avoid getting overwhelmed with too many different styles, ensure the pictures you’re saving sit inline with the feeling you want to create in a room. 

Q: How to agree with partners/housemates on a particular style?

Shared living, in terms of housemates, is ideal in the sense that each person has one room to totally make their own. The communal spaces can then be tailored to how you'd use the space collaboratively. If you're a house who loves food and cooking, make the dining table and chairs the focus of the room. If watching films together is your thing, create a cinema room style vibe in the living space, filling the majority of the room with deep, comfortable seating. Decorating as a couple can be harder as there will be compromises made. Again though, if you both agree on how you want the room to feel, you should reach a common ground and create space you both enjoy being in.

Q: Easy ways to add individual style to a room?

WL: I think artwork is the best and easiest way to add individuality to a room. We all respond to pictures differently and if you collect pieces that mean something to you; whether that is a place you love, a gig poster, or something you've created yourself, you can use the walls to really tell your story. 


Q: What are the hottest trends for living rooms right now?

We’ve noticed a return to comfort-first in living rooms. People are opting for deep sofas that are expansive, perfect for solo-sprawling, or nestling lots of people on. Hot colours seem to be having a moment too; vermillion, auburn and burgundy shades are popular and will not only wrap a room in toasty comfort, but also provide excitement and stimulation, which is often necessary as many of us are still spending so much more time at home. 


To see a Swyft sofa for yourself in one of the John Lewis stores head to one of the following:

Bluewater Pkwy,

Models on display at this store: Models 02 & 03

John Lewis,
Wilmslow Rd, 
SK8 3BZ 

Models on display at this store: Models 02, 03 & 04

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway,
BS34 5QU 

Models on display at this store: Models 02, 03 & 04

101, The Arcade,
Westfield Stratford City,
E20 1EL 

Models on display at this store: Models 02, 03 & 04

The Oracle,
Broad St, 

Models on display at this store: Models 01, 02, 03 & 04

23 Harbour Parade,
Westquay Shopping Centre,
SO15 1QA

Models on display at this store: Models 01, 02, 03 & 04

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