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Model 02 Sofa Bed: An Interview with the Designer

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Ed Hawes
model 02 sofa bed

The secret is out… introducing the Model 02 sofa bed. That’s right, we’ve launched a sofa bed version of our bestselling sofa. It’s a request we’ve received from hundreds of customers, and we’re very excited to, finally, be able to deliver.

To mark the launch, we sat down with Andre Faustino, the furniture designer behind the Model 02 sofa bed, to understand what we were trying to achieve with Swyft’s latest product launch and the challenges that came with its design. 

andre sofa bed designer

Q: What inspired the Model 02 Sofa Bed?

A: Well, if it’s not obvious, the inspiration behind the sofa bed is, in fact, the Model 02 sofa. Due to the number of customers inquiring about a Model 02 sofa bed, we decided to take the plunge and turn our best-selling sofa into a sofa bed. It was a no-brainer. 

sofa bed drawings


The sofa bed is a direct replica of the sofa’s mid-century modern design – from an aesthetic perspective, and when facing front-on, you can’t tell the difference between the sofa and sofa bed. We’ve kept the Model 02’s intricate mid-century detailing – the sofa bed comes with pulled-seam and pipped detailing as well as the iconic bolster cushions. It also comes with a wooden plinth. 

sofa bed drawings

Q: How long has it taken to design the Model 02 Sofa Bed?

A: Designing the Model 02 sofa bed took a total of three months – a concise timeframe when compared to our other designs. Designing a new sofa or sofa bed typically takes six months or more, but as we borrowed design elements from the Model 02 sofa and the Model 04 sofa bed, the design time was halved. 

Most of the time was spent ironing out the concept and making small tweaks here and there. 

Q: How did you go about designing the Model 02 Sofa Bed, what was the process?

A: The Model 02 sofa bed is very similar, in design, to the Model 04. So, the process was relatively simple.

sofa bed model 02

From a design perspective, what areas did you need to get right before launching the collection?

A: We conducted research and rethought our bed mechanisms, designing out some inefficiencies where appropriate. We did a lot of product testing to make sure all of the safety features were applied.

There was one small feature that we needed to get right before launching – and, to be honest, I’m proud of the outcome. The right arm couldn´t be removed when the back was flat (in sofa bed mode), because there was a chance that the back would come loose from its hinge and from the base when moved in the wrong direction. It only happened if there was strong movement on the mattress – but we couldn’t risk it happening to a customer. 

To guarantee that the base and back are secure when in sofa bed mode, we added a rubber indent/ blocker to the sofa bed’s base that locks into place automatically. The small feature is simple but effective – and now the back doesn’t move, not even an inch. So when in sofa bed mode you can safely take out both arms if needed.

Q: What are the key differences, if any, between Model 02, Model 04, and Model 08 sofa bed designs?

A: Regarding the sofa bed design, the Model 02 and Model 04 mechanisms are almost identical. On both models, the back folds forward and the base is pulled frontwards to create a UK double mattress. To sleep on either Model, you must lie along the width of the sofa bed. The Model 08 sofa bed, however, is designed slightly differently. Instead of having two sections that fold together to create the mattress, the Model 08 has three. The backs folds backward and the base forwards – which creates more space when sleeping. Unlike the 02 and 04, the Model 08’s design means you need to lie lengthways.   

The Model 04 also comes with storage for a mattress topper underneath the base – a unique feature that’s not included in the other sofa bed models. 

The other key difference between the sofa bed designs is the style. The Model 02 is mid-century, the Model 04 is timeless contemporary, and the Model 08 is minimalist.

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