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How to Style & What Colours Go With a Brown Sofa

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Lottie Leggett
brown sofas

There are a few core colours that seem to work well with sofas. Black and grey are classic choices but you would have to add brown (and its close cousin beige) to that list too.

The thing all these tones have in common is that they are relatively neutral. Unlike bolder colours which can have more of an immediate impact but may be subject to trends, brown has a timeless quality. It’s not a shade that goes in and out of fashion and one that works with a range of materials – especially leather.

The beauty of brown is that it’s incredibly versatile. It acts as a solid base on which to build your colour scheme, using soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and curtains. With the sofa generally being the biggest investment in any living space, it makes sense to spend big on a piece that can stand the test of time. Accent notes and colours can be changed, according to trends and taste. But your brown sofa will be there for years to come, holding it all together.

So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to think about when buying brown, and how you style it with complementary colours, furniture and fabrics.

What to consider when buying a brown sofa

If brown has captured your imagination then you want to make sure it is the right sofa for you. That means you have to consider a few factors. First is the style. Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and brown and beige work better with some than others.

For example, Swyft’s Model 02 is a Mid-Century classic that straddles the line between retro chic and contemporary style. It’s a design that never goes out of fashion, which is why it chimes perfectly with both brown and beige.

You also have to consider size and shape. In general, the golden rule is to always go for the largest sofa that works in your space. Go too small in a colour like brown and it can end up getting dwarfed. Choose modular, corner and chaise sofas like the Swyft Model 03 and you can configure the sofa to fit your space in the most appealing way.

Lastly, the fabric is another key decision. Like colours, there are certain fabrics that have a timeless quality for sofas. Leather is an obvious example, but so is linen with its soft and muted quality. For a more opulent and luxurious feel, velvet adds elegance.

Brown leather sofas offer up a touch of elegance to living rooms with their timeless style. Many opt for faux leather sofas for a more sustainable and less costly option that still performs just like the real thing. 

What colours go with brown sofas?

Autumnal accent colours such as orange, mustard or deep reds work very well with a brown base. Similarly, earthen tones work very well with both brown and beige, creating a relaxing and cosy feel which can be contrasted with natural green in the form of house plants. These kinds of colours remind us of nature and help to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Brown sofa

Brown also works very well with metallic tones, especially copper, which can be used for lighting and other fixtures and fittings. This is especially true for brown and tan leather, which complement the copper hues.

If you have a chocolate brown sofa what colour walls should you choose? Creams and other off whites are ideal. Or go for dark navy or even black walls for a more traditional palette.

What colour carpet goes with brown sofas?

It’s best to stick to neutral tones for the carpet when you have a brown sofa. Colours like light grey, pumice or stone. Yellow and orange can work well but try and keep tones on the more muted side. Bright shades and big primary or secondary colours can cause a clash, especially over large areas like a carpet.

Brown sofa and rug

What colour cushions go with brown leather sofas?

With cushions you can afford to be bolder in terms of colour choice than with carpets and other larger areas of colour - especially with leather sofas. However, as above, natural tones tend to resonate with brown best.

Does grey go with brown furniture?

Absolutely yes, grey goes very well with brown (as it does with most things). Try and lean towards the more neutral and natural tones rather than something bold like a battleship grey. Brown is a naturally earthy colour, so think natural stone and rock shades to echo the colours of the natural world.

Brown leather sofa and grey fabric sofa


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