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How To Style A Sideboard for Any Season

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Olivia Lowry
sideboard with decor

Whether you’ve picked up a wide sideboard or you’re thinking of adding one to your space, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about decorating yours for any season. As the seasons change outside, a great way to celebrate is by changing up your decor inside the home. Just as you would do at Christmas time, or any other holiday, seasonal decor helps bring the outside in. That, and it’s a lot of fun to rotate decor throughout the year. In this blog, we’ll cover 8 different ideas for styling your wide sideboard through all 4 seasons.

Styling a sideboard for spring

Spring is a great opportunity to bring a fresh feel to your home decor. When styling a sideboard for the spring season, take your inspiration from the outdoors. Spring is most commonly associated with light and bright colours like pastels, which you can use to create a colour palette for your wide sideboard decor. Try adding elements and decor pieces in colours like mint green, buttercup yellow, duck egg blue or blush pink.

Sideboard with tulips in vase

Image: Pinterest

If neutrals are more of your thing, or you want a more versatile look, colour can easily be added with a fresh vase of seasonal spring flowers. Tulips and peonies are a popular option for springtime, and they’ll always look good placed on a sideboard in any area of the home.

When Easter comes around in April, give your sideboard a subtle theme with dainty decorations. Instead of going all-out, try toned-down elements that hint at the season. Experiment with paper decorations hung from branches, woven baskets, or linen table runners.

Easter decorations

Image: Pinterest

Styling a sideboard for summer

Summer brings with it holiday vibes, and you can use your sideboard to bring the same feeling into your home decor this season. Whether you’re jetting away on a beach holiday or doing a staycation, styling your place is a great way to welcome the summer season at home. There are lots of ways you can style a sideboard for summer, so we’re focusing on two distinct colour palette ideas.

Coastal inspired sideboard decor

Image: Pinterest

First up, lean into the coastal theme by creating a neutral, nature-inspired sideboard look. Choose decor that makes you feel closer to the coast - seagrass woven baskets, airy linen and cotton soft furnishings and pebble-like stone decor pieces will help create this look. If you’ve got a favourite destination, add a statement photograph or painting of it above your sideboard to create a year-round focal point.

Summer themed sideboard decor

Image: Pinterest

For the colour lovers out there, summer brings lots of opportunities for brightening up your space. Consider the colours in the rest of your room and lean into seasonal splashes of coral pink, ocean blue, yellows and greens when decorating your sideboard. Add real or faux plants to bring a tropical vibe to your home decor - ideal for the summer season and beyond.

Styling a sideboard for autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to hunker down and start decorating your space as the days begin to get shorter. Creating a cosy vibe will ensure your place feels warm and welcoming, especially ahead of the winter months.

Autumn themed sideboard decor with candles

Image: Pinterest

Wooden sideboards are great for providing warmth and make decorating in this way easy. If yours is wood, try adding other warm colours like berry red and chocolate brown to your sideboard decor. Experiment with what works for your room, whether that’s some new pillar candles or a stack of books within reach of your favourite reading nook. 

This year, the farmhouse chic look is taking over our homes. Replicate this in your own living room, dining room (or anywhere in the house) by styling your sideboard with outdoor-inspired decor. Try dried flowers in reds, greens and browns, or stack your sideboard full of winter logs for a cosy cottage feel.

Sideboard with fire log decoration

Image: Pinterest

Styling a sideboard for winter

In winter, wide sideboards provide the perfect place to show off festive decor. As Christmas approaches, consider choosing a colour scheme that you can run throughout your whole home. Sideboards are the perfect place to display Christmas cards, expertly-wrapped gifts and your favourite festive candles. Add a lamp to your sideboard to create an inviting glow in your interior, and at Christmas, accent your furniture with string lights.

Sideboard with decorative winter wreath

Image: Pinterest

Winter is always the busiest season for hosting and get-togethers, and this versatile piece of furniture can help. Make use of your sideboard as a functional piece by creating an at-home mini bar, stocked full of your (and your guests) favourite drinks. Choose metallic decor when styling up your sideboard for winter, like gold drinks trays, coasters or brass candlestick holders.

Sideboard with drinks tray

Image: Pinterest


How long should a sideboard be?

The ideal length of a sideboard is usually determined by the size of your space and your own specific needs. To find the right length of sideboard for your room, measure the space where you’d like it to go. Consider the width, depth and height when choosing a sideboard to make sure it fits within your space and doesn’t restrict movement. This is especially important for small living rooms, where large sideboards can take up a lot of floor space. A well-proportioned sideboard should compliment the room without overpowering it, and add an extra place to decorate as well as being a functional piece of furniture.

Should my sideboard match my dining table?

Matching your sideboard to your dining table is a common choice, but you don’t have to follow this rule when you’re picking one out. Coordinating materials such as a wooden sideboard with a wooden table can help create cohesion, making your space feel put together, but it may result in a more dated look. Mixing styles or colours of furniture is the best way to add more character and interest to your dining/living room. Create a contrasting look by choosing your furniture combinations carefully. Balance is key, so you should make sure your sideboard compliments the table and other furniture to create a harmonious overall look.

Can a sideboard be used as a TV stand?

Where space is tight, large sideboards with storage and a flat top can definitely be used as a TV stand. Mid century sideboards make a much more characterful way to accommodate your TV than other TV stands, adding interest and dimension to your living room. When picking a sideboard to act as a TV stand, make sure it’s wide enough and has options for cable management to hide away wires neatly. This dual-purpose furniture piece is great for enhancing your living room decor whilst providing functional storage for media setups, making it a versatile choice for any living room look.
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