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How to find the right sofa and rug combination

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Olivia Lowry
green velvet sofa with white circular rug

As one of the biggest home decor expenses, choosing the right rug is pretty important. With so many options out there in size, materials, colours and patterns, picking out the perfect match for your sofa can be a challenge and a half. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about picking the right rug to go with your sofa. Learn about why size matters, how to create a cohesive look and discover tonnes of top-notch rug inspo.

Why cohesion is important

Interior design is all about curation, and to do it well is a skill in itself. Understanding the relationship between different elements of the room and how they work together is key. Most people tend to buy their sofa first, with accessories added after - after all, it’s the biggest investment for most living rooms. Picking the right rug is arguably the second most important element - nailing this can make or break the overall aesthetic of your place.

Henna red sofa with white area rug

Identify your sofa’s style

So, you’ve got your sofa in place. Exciting stuff. By now you should have an idea of what style you’re working with, and if not, it’s good practice to consider this when buying a rug. Understand your sofa’s design - is it more of a mid-century modern shape? Or, is your sofa modular and contemporary-looking? Take fabrics into account too - getting texture combinations right is crucial when picking a new rug. Take note of the overall style and its details to help you choose your statement rug.

Green sofa with round white rug

Colour combinations

Interior design’s all about colour, and we couldn’t do a style guide without mentioning this element. Applying basic colour theory when picking a rug will help you find a scheme that pairs perfectly. If your sofa’s bold in colour, opt for a rug in a neutral or toned-down hue. On the flip side, neutral colour sofas can look great when paired with a pop of colour. How much colour you introduce and where you introduce it is up to you - just make sure you’re keeping in mind your overall colour scheme of the room and you’ll be set.

Corner of white rug with tassels

Pattern play

There’s a reason interior designers call it ‘pattern play’, and picking out rugs is definitely a home decor choice to have lots of fun with. Patterns help bring depth and a new level of interest to interiors, which is why rugs can be so impactful. Try to maintain a balance by combining solid colours with patterns. For example, bold patterned sofas and chairs can be anchored down with rugs in block colours. On the same train of thought, patterned rugs can help to add visual contrast to rooms with solid colour sofas. Look for pattern combos that complement each other rather than compete.

pink rug with basket weave pattern

Last up - choosing the perfect match

Feeling inspired? It’s important to remember that interior do’s and dont’s should always be used as a guide, rather than rules. Don’t be afraid to champion personal expression and creativity when picking out decor for your place. Rugs are a big investment, but they’re also the easiest way to completely transform your living room. Keep this checklist in mind when choosing a rug for your sofa, but don't be afraid to trust your instincts and make the space uniquely yours.

What size of rug do I need?

The size of your rug will always make the most impact on the proportions of your space. Essentially, this just means how big or small it feels. As a general rule, your rug should always be large enough to fit under the front legs of your sofa. Saying this, not everyone has tonnes of space, so this can vary depending on the room size and where the sofa has to go. In large rooms with taller ceilings, oversized area rugs will work great. In apartments and smaller living rooms, try to keep the rug size proportionate to the width and length of the room to avoid overcrowding.

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