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How To Dress A Corner Sofa

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Ed Hawes
how to dress a corner sofa

The living room is the heart of the home, fact. That makes buying a sofa one of life’s greatest purchases (not biased). And why choosing the right sofa is a considered decision. Many studies suggest we spend years of our lives sitting on the sofa; it’s as important as choosing the right bed and mattress. So, if you have the space, why not go for the creme de la creme of sofas – a corner sofa.

A corner sofa can come in many forms – a 2-seater with an ottoman, a fixed L-shaped sofa, a modular sofa that can be arranged as a corner, or a full corner sofa – one that is designed and built with no other reason than to be a corner.

So, how do you dress a corner sofa? 

How do you style a room with a corner sofa?

Styling a corner sofa can be an exciting task with a multitude of avenues – so, with that in mind, we have come up with a few of those areas to think about below. 

  • Make sure it fits the room’s colour scheme 
  • Position it perfectly – in the corner  
  • Bring the room together with an oversized  
  • Place floor lamps, side lamps 
  • Accessories – add cushions, throws, and blankets
  • Symmetry with side tables
  • Balance the room with a coffee table
  • Add a mirror or a gallery wall 
  • Make sure there’s positive room flow 

    corner sofa styling

    Colour scheme 
    Make sure the colour scheme works or is complementary to the room. For example, if the colour palette for the room is eclectic or has bold colours, introduce a neutral colour scheme. Balancing the room with a contrasting or complementary coloured sofa will make the sofa standout, whilst reducing its overpowering nature - both in size and colour. 

    Positioning and placement 
    There should be no surprise when we say that the sofa should be placed in the corner of the room. Not only is that what the corner sofa is made for, but it creates a cozy, inviting area and utilises the space perfectly. 

    Add a rug
    Placing a rug slightly underneath the corner sofa will help extend the seating space - and integrate the sofa into the room. Corner sofas are typically larger than your average, so make sure the rug reflects the size of your sofa. If placed correctly, the rug will also help bring the coffee table into the interior. 

    Creating the right mood, through lighting, is important for the overall feel of the environment. Whether that’s to watch a film, enjoy a glass of wine or to simply read a book, incorporating side lamps, floor lamps, shelf lamps into the room will promote a place to fully unwind. 

    One of the most important techniques, if not the most important, is to add texture and layers through the use of cushions and throws. Adding cushions, throws or blankets to a corner sofa, is an easy way to introduce another colour scheme or design to a room. 

    For example, Boho can easily be worked into a Scandinavian Design room with cushions. It adds a taste of Bohemian without the room drowning in its eclectic nature. Knitted throws can help draw interest or focus on an otherwise neutral room. And blankets can create a warm, cozy environment.  

    Side tables 
    Sides tables that are proportioned nicely against the corner sofa – not too large, not too small – will not only look perfect (we love symmetry), but work as a place to rest mugs, books, lamps. You name it, the side table has space for it.

    Make sure the colour of the side table works with the room’s colour palette and complements the corner sofa.  

    Coffee tables
    The nature of a coffee table is similar to that of the side table. It needs to fit into the room’s design. But, also bring them together. This can work with a rug and well chosen coffee table (another way to add personality/ sentiment into the room).  

    Wall decor 
    By adding a gallery wall, it will create a splash colour or personality to the room. Create a gallery wall to hang from the centre of the corner sofa to draw attention to the area (if it wasn’t already needed). Alternatively, hang a large mirror from the wall, to brighten up the space and make the room feel larger. 

    Room flow
    When dressing a corner sofa, think about room flow. There’s nothing worse than bad Feng Shui. 

    It’s important to maintain space for a positive room flow and a sense of balance. Often we can be encouraged to fill the room with furniture, but if the room doesn’t allow for it, then don’t force it. Making sure you can move around the room at ease should be high on your priority list. 

    How many cushions should you have on a corner sofa?

    Corner sofa cushions

    The number of cushions you should add to a sofa depends on how big the corner sofa is and the style you want to achieve. Below, we outline a few areas to look after: 

    A minimalist style
    For a minimalist look, we’d suggested placing three to five cushions on the corner sofa. Place one in the centre and two at the sides. A less is more approach.  

    An elegant look or feel 
    If you want to achieve a more luxurious look, up to ten cushions (of differing sizes) will work well. This will exaggerate luxury and create an opulent feel to your corner sofa. Ten is a big number, so be sure the sofa is big enough. Overcrowding is never a good look, no matter the style you’re trying to achieve. 

    A casual design
    Casual is a look most would go after - you want the corner sofa to look inviting (and lived on). Here, we’d suggest a nice medium - between six and nine - of different sizes. By introducing different sized cushions you add layers and texture to the sofa. This creates warmth and a cosy inviting atmosphere. 

    Regardless of look, you should consider variety, colour and comfort. As mentioned previously, adding cushions to a corner sofa is a way to introduce layers, interest and different colour schemes to the room. Playing around with sizes, comfort and designs will help you realise what style you like. Cushions are a small accessory, but have a large impact on the overall look of the corner sofa. 

    grey corner sofa

    At Swyft, we have a large catalogue of corner sofas, in various designs, style and colours. We also have a collection of cushions that complement our sofa styles well.

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