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12 unique home office colour ideas

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Olivia Lowry
person working in home office

Whether you’re grinding away remotely or you’ve got a hybrid setup going on, the era of home working’s never been bigger. Scientists reckon the colour of your space is directly linked to your productivity and wellbeing, and we’d be inclined to agree being a remote-first team ourselves. Because of this, it’s pretty important to get colour choices right before you load up the paint rollers for a WFH space.  

Now, we’re not saying getting the right shade is going to miraculously clear your email inbox, but it will help you tackle those flagged-for-later messages with a calmer and more focused mind. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of neutral looks or you’re into impactful bold colours, our round-up of 12 unique home office colour ideas is a great place to start.

Home office wall colour ideas

Olive green

olive green home office


Choose olive green for its known calming qualities - ideal for when your calendar’s booked up back-to-back. Smaller room? Create a statement wall with this colour to avoid making the room feel smaller.

Sage green

sage green office room

Image: @gravityhome

If you’ve got your eye on green but don’t want to commit to a dark colour, sage green’s the perfect answer for home offices. As a lighter colour, this shade is great for compact spaces.

Terracotta red

terracotta red office room

Image: @entermyattic

Give your home office a Mediterranean feel without having to catch a flight by using terracotta red. Use this tone to add warmth to north-facing studies.

Coral red

coral red home office

Image: @domino

Get your creative streak going with bold, impactful colours like coral red. Use coral as an accent in your home office, or be brave and colour drench the whole room in this shade.

Powder blue

light blue home office

Image: @interiordesigninfo

As one of the best colours for productivity, there’s a lot you can do with this calming colour. Create an airy feel that keeps things cool by painting your office powder blue.

Teal blue

teal blue home office

Image: @homeadore

Decorate your home office with teal blue to channel some promotion-worthy energy. Known for increasing focus, teal will help you tackle your most busy days with ease.

Taupe brown

taupe brown home office

Image: @domino

Make your home office feel put-together with little effort by painting it taupe. This neutral colour’s somewhere between brown and grey, making it a great option for reducing stress.

Sand beige

beige home office

Image: @thesefourwalls

Go full neutral with sand beige. As one of the most versatile colours out there, it’s the ideal shade for DIY home office beginners.

Mustard yellow

mustard yellow home office

Image: @grahamandbrown

Mustard yellow’s not going anywhere, and we’re loving it. This sunny colour is perfect for bringing a joyful feel to home offices, no matter how many meetings are on the agenda.

Ochre yellow

ochre yellow home office

Image: @nbourhood

For something different, try out ochre yellow in your home office. This shade is mustard’s grown-up cousin, and brings the same level of infectious energy.

Eggshell white

eggshell white home office

Image: @estliving

Keep a clear mind with eggshell white. This colour’s easy on the eye, which is perfect for those whose screen time reads high.

Ivory white

ivory white home office

Image: @jalaninterior

Decorate your home office in ivory white for a classic, timeless feel. This versatile colour is great for pairing with warm accents like oak desks and birch wood chairs.

What colours are best for home offices?

There’s no one colour that’s best for home offices, in truth. The best colours for home offices depend on what mood you’re trying to evoke in the room, what size the room is and your own personal favourite hues. Go for a calming feel in home offices by choosing colours like sage green, eggshell white, powder blue or light beige.

What colours increase productivity?

The jury’s still out on this one, but it’s suggested that blue is one of the best colours for increasing productivity. According to a study by Lund University, the colour blue is ideal for offices of those who work fast-paced and busy jobs.
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