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Hello, Model 08. Interview with the designer

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Olivia Lowry
Hello, Model 08. Interview with the designer

Hello, Model 08. We’re really proud to be able to introduce our latest sofa bed collection. This week we sat down with designer Beck Wyld to learn all about it.

Swyft furniture designer Beck Wyld

Hi, Beck! Can you tell us a bit about Model 08?

“Sure. Model 08’s the second sofa bed we’ve produced (Model 04 was our first). In terms of how it looks, it doesn’t really scream ‘sofa bed’, which makes it a lot more elegant in design than many others in the market right now. This makes it great for rooms where space is at a premium - it looks at home rather than taking over. And as always with Swyft, we’ve designed it with ease of use in mind, so there’s no fighting with awkward or heavy mechanisms.” 

Just like the rest of the Swyft range, we’ve stuck to our no-tool assembly ethos. Model 08 slots together without the need for any allen keys or loose screws. When it’s time to turn it into a bed, Model 08 folds out with no fuss - a far cry from the usual clunky sofa bed design.

Where did the inspiration for the style come from?

“When I was initially designing Model 08, I spent a lot of time thinking about who the target customer would be, what their homes might look like and how the sofa would fit into their lives. I also looked into our range and questioned how I could fill in any gaps. Our Model 04 sofa bed’s been really popular, and we’re always getting the question “when are you going to make a chair bed/a single sofa bed?”

I decided we needed something a little more classic… something that felt elegant, whilst still feeling ‘Swyft’ in its design.”

How did you start designing Model 08?

“Once I had a concept that mechanically worked, I focused on the overall look which I’d originally designed in CAD (computer-aided design) software. CAD can’t really be beaten by true craftsmanship though, so I quickly moved on to prototypes with the development team. We experimented with the proportions, stitching, the sharpness of the corners and softness of curves, plus many other tiny details until it finally became as you see it today.”

What sizes and configurations does Model 08 come in?

“I’m really excited to be able to offer a chair bed option, which folds out into a standard UK single. This makes it perfect as an accent chair for living rooms that can be folded out, or in a bedroom corner for overnight guests.

We’ve also made a two-seater version, which folds out into a standard UK double. Keeping standard sizes like this was really important to me as I know our customers will appreciate not having to search for awkwardly sized non-standard bedding!”

What’s Model 08 made from, and does it come with any guarantees?

“We’re giving customers over 50 fabrics to choose from on this one, so there really is something for everyone. All of our fabrics come with a 2-year guarantee.

As far as the rest of the sofa goes, the frame and front legs are a mix of solid beech and composite wood, and the back legs are durable steel in a black finish. Our frames have a 15yr guarantee as standard, so there’s no changes there from the rest of our range. Inside, you’ve got fibre-filled cushions which make this model super comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.”

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