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Cushion arrangements: 8 ideas to decorate your bed

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Antonio Wedral
cushion arrangement

There’s no doubt that throw and scatter cushions can really improve the look and feel of your bedroom. Not only do they offer increased comfort in your sleeping area but they can also help to add texture, colour and pattern, as well as softening the space.

However, with scatter and throw cushions it is generally about quality and not quantity. Too many cushions can look busy and even messy. Plus, it can then take several minutes each night to take them off and more time to put them back on again in the morning. So, the key is to choose cushions with impact rather than just littering your bed area. Here are some top tips on how to get it right.

1. Think minimal

minimal bed cushion arrangement

Cushion arrangements on the bed can have the biggest impact when things are kept minimal. Try and contrast the colour of your cushions with your bedding for maximum impact, and just choose a small number of them – either two, three or four.

The minimal look is all about symmetry, using the cushions to add accent at the pillow end of the bed. You can also vary the size and shape of the cushions, for example by choosing two large and two small.

2. Add colour

Blue bed cushions

One of the key benefits of bed cushions is to add colour to your room. If you have chosen classic white bed linen, then the colour combination of your scatter cushions is your chance to add some different tones and focal points, preventing your bed space from looking washed out and uninspiring.

Try and pick out accent colours from other areas of the room, either on the walls or other soft furnishings. You can either choose to keep all your scatter cushions the same colour, mix up the hues and tones or go for a selection of contrasting colours if you really want to make a bold statement.

By drawing in other colours you find around your bedroom, you can create a cohesive colour scheme that really brings the room together.

3. Bold patterns

You can choose to go for block colours for your cushions or you could mix it up and add a pattern. Depending on your design style, you could add floral or oriental prints or maybe some geometric shapes. It’s a good idea to avoid having all your cushions with bold patterns as this can be overwhelming. Choose a couple of cushions for a pattern or print and then use the others to complement this with block colours drawing on the palette of available tones.

Place the patterned cushions in front of the block colour prints to show off to their maximum and to use the block colours as a backdrop.

4. Use the full colour palette

If you think patterns will be too busy and that too many different colours might be a bit much in your bedroom, then why not stick to one colour palette of different tones and hues? Depending on your colour scheme, you could choose scatter cushions all in a range of different tones of either yellow, blue, red or any other colour you feel like.

Using the full spectrum and variation of tones and shades can add depth to your bed, while creating an elegant display of colour.

5. Think fabrics

grey and white bed cushions

Of course, it is not just how your bed cushions look that matters, it is also about how they feel. You will probably be removing cushions when it’s time to go to bed but if it’s just in the daytime and you’re having a lie down or a quick cat nap, then fabric choice can be very important.

This is your bed so you want soft touch and elegant fabrics to add a touch of opulence to your sleeping space. Think velvet or linen or choose natural fibres like organic cotton to ensure it feels good against your skin.

6. Storage space

storage drawers

An often overlooked element of using bed cushions is where to put them when they’re not on the bed. You’ll probably want to remove the cushions when you get in for the night, and rather than just throwing them on the floor, you might need to consider a suitable place to store them when not in use. A handy cupboard, trunk or even under bed storage draw can be a great solution, allowing you to stow cushions when you’re in the bed. This will help to keep them off the floor and means you won’t trip over them if you have to get up in the night.

7. Cushion placement

Once you have chosen your colour, pattern, size, shape and number of cushions (as well as having somewhere convenient to store them when not on the bed) you now need to think about how you are going to arrange them. As we’ve mentioned above, it might be best to keep the numbers down as you don’t want to have to move a mountain of pillows every evening – but this also does depend on size.

Both odd and even numbers of pillows can work, with odd numbers leaning themselves towards a triangle formation, with one feature pillow up front to catch the eye. The more symmetrically minded out there might prefer to have an even number of pillows on each side of the central divide, in front of the main sleeping pillow.

When your cushions are located how you want, you can also decide how you want to present them. It is possible to make a small indentation in the front, top side of the cushion, known as a ‘karate chop’ or you might decide to go for a fully plumped up look. It’s entirely up to you.

8. Accessories

As well as bed cushions, you might also choose to accessorise your bed with a matching throw blanket. As well as also offering the chance to add some texture and colour, this can also serve a practical purpose as an extra blanket or a way of ensuring your feet stay warm during the night. Again, you can choose to either match or contrast this with throw pillows and other soft furnishings in the room.

We all want our beds to be a comfortable and enticing refuge from the world. A place we can go to feel safe, warm and totally relaxed. So, it’s only natural that covering it in soft cushions in a choice of fabrics and colours makes sense. If you would like more help finding the right kinds of cushion fabrics, then check out this best cushion fabric guide.

In addition to bedrooms, sofa beds can also benefit from a choice of cushions to make both seating and sleeping more comfortable. In this instance, the cushions can even double up as sleeping pillows, killing two birds with one stone. The Swyft sofa bed range comes in a choice of fabric sofas, in modern, contemporary and comfortable styles.

All our models are 24 h delivery sofas and come flat packed for extra convenience, meaning you could have your extra sleeping area sorted in no time. Now all you need to do is think about how you are going to arrange your cushions.

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