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How to Arrange Cushions on a Sectional Corner Sofa

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Antonio Wedral
corner sofa with cushions

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of sofa cushions. But when you see a sofa, especially a corner sofa, without cushions, it can look empty and lifeless.

Adding style, comfort and texture, cushions are a great way of injecting personality and can help tie the whole room together. It’s also very easy to switch and change your cushions for new ones to give your room an instant refresh without having to spend money on buying a new sofa or redecorating. 

Of course, there is an art to arranging your sofa cushions on your corner sofa in an aesthetically pleasing way. Keep reading to learn our top cushion arranging secrets.

What to Consider When Arranging Cushions

When arranging your sofa cushions, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. Firstly, consider the size of your sofa and how many cushions would be appropriate - you don’t want to place 10 cushions on a 2-seater corner sofa, for example, as it would look over the top. 

You’ll also need to think about the rest of your space, such as the colour scheme, other furniture and decor piece, the mood you want to emanate and the seating. Ideally, you’ll want to maximise the seating and dress your sofa with cushions to accent the room and make the sofa even more comfortable.

1. Create a Strong Base

If you’re new to cushion arranging, we’d suggest playing it safe, to begin with, and creating a strong base to work from. For a corner sofa, a good rule of thumb is to arrange 4-6 cushions: 2 large cushions, 2 medium cushions and 2 smaller accent cushions. The larger cushions can be placed on either end of the corner sofa, with the medium ones in the middle and the accent cushions in the corner. Then, once you’re more confident, play around with shapes, patterns, colours and more or fewer cushions.

2. Fill the Corner

how to style a corner sofa with cushions

As the corner seat usually attracts the most attention, filling it with eye-catching cushions can make it more visually pleasing and create a statement too. Most of the time, when you’re not hosting guests too, you may find you have more seating space than you know what to do with. So, cushions can really help to fill the void. Plus, having the right filling for your cushions to make them extra soft and squishy will make it an ultra-cosy place to relax.

3. Add Layers

Adding layers to your corner sofa can create interest and depth. Using different sizes of cushions with different patterns or textures that complement each other, and the rest of the room, will work beautifully. You can also add a throw or two over the top of the sofa to make it even more comfortable and match or contrast the cushions.

4. Use Patterned and Plain Cushions

A corner sofa with plain cushions of all the same colour can end up looking a little dull. So, playing around with different patterns can go a long way in adding charm and character to the space. Depending on the size of the corner sofa, you may need a few patterned cushions to arrange amongst the plain. If you’re feeling really bold, you can even use all patterned cushions as long as they complement each other well.

5. Fill the Length of the Sofa

corner sofa design with cushions

If you’re wanting your sofa to look full and plush, we’d recommend filling the whole length with cushions. With a corner sofa, you’ll likely have a bit more space to fill than with a standard sofa, and if you like a maximalist look, then scattering lots of cushions around will be perfect. A sofa full of cushions will also give any guests a comfortable cushion to sit on, lean against or snuggle with. Again, play around with patterns and textures to create something unique yet cohesive.

6. Experiment with Bold Colours

We understand that including bold colours in your home can be scary - you’re the one who has to look and live with it after all. The beauty of cushions is they allow you to experiment with more vibrant shades to find which you like and which colours suit your space. From yellow and blue to pink or green, if you have a neutral room or a grey sofa, there’ll be plenty of colours that will work well in your space. Or, if you already have a bold blue sofa, much like our Model 03 Teal sofa, use colours such as orange or green cushions to spice it up even more.

7. Use Cushions for Each Season

how to style a corner sofa with cushions

If you love decorating for each season and every holiday, cushions are a great and easy option to bring some festive cheer into your home. From dark and moody autumnal coloured cushions and fun Christmas cushions to pastel spring cushions or bold summer cushions, there are so many events you can switch them up for that will transform your room and be on theme with the season.

8. Choose a Random Mix of Cushions

While there are many interior rules - especially around cushion arranging - you can just as easily ignore them all and do your own thing. Choosing a random mix of cushions that includes different colours, patterns, textures, styles, and shapes will give a carefree, eccentric vibe to your home while adding plenty of personalities. Cushions are a really fun way to change your decor, and if they don’t work, it's easy to just swap them out with a different design until you're happy with the result.

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