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6 ways to style a loveseat

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Olivia Lowry
loveseat styling ideas 1.5 seater sofas armchair styling ideas how to style a loveseat

Short on space or after a cosy corner? Enter: the loveseat. These smaller versions of full-sized sofas pack a real punch. Perfect for solo sitting or snuggling up, we’re focusing on our Model 05 for this one. Here are 6 unique loveseat styling ideas to get you started.

Light pink loveseats

We’re starting off with this linen loveseat in the colour Blush. This setup makes great use of otherwise dead space and the back wall’s width makes the perfect spot for this smaller seat.

Light pink loveseat linen loveseat cuddle chair

Our stylists paired this pastel pink with surrounding accessories in darker tones to zone off the area. To tie the setup together further, hints of green are matched in the side table and the abstract artwork on the wall. The brushed-metal lamp provides a cosy glow for late-night reading.

Neutral and white loveseats

white loveseat boucle loveseat cream loveseat white accent chair boucle accent chair boucle feature chair white cuddle chair white armchair

In this bright space, modern style meets traditional features. Natural textures are big here with the oak flooring and terrazzo side table. Our stylists introduced a neutral-coloured loveseat in Boucle fabric, contrasting perfectly with the blue sofa and ottoman to create an airy, light-filled space.

Light blue loveseats

Armed with the challenge to rethink this layout, our stylists discovered another possible zone. Here, we’ve left space behind the loveseat for ease of movement throughout this airy loft apartment.

Light blue loveseat turquoise loveseat duck egg blue 1.5 seater sofa

A bright neon pop of orange in the cushion draws the eyes towards the Turquoise Linen Loveseat as a main feature of the room. Green plants and a diffused globe light help soften the overall look.

Dark blue loveseats

Most reach for red and green furniture for mid-century modern interiors, but this loveseat shows that deeper blues work just as well. The richness in this shade of Teal Velvet compliments the dark stained panelling behind, which closely matches the chair’s legs.

Dark blue loveseat blue velvet loveseat blue sofa blue armchair

Choosing off-white accessories instead of bright white makes sure the contrast in tones isn’t too harsh- keeping that comfortable feel.

Yellow loveseats

This one makes a bold statement. The vivid yellow of this Mustard Velvet loveseat is lit up beautifully by the overhead skylight, increasing its vibrancy. In a nod to mid-century modern art, a Bauhaus print rests casually on the back wall, creating a relaxed, artists' studio vibe.

Yellow loveseat velvet yellow loveseat yellow sofa mustard sofa

Where space is limited in this attic room, the addition of a glass table helps to maintain a more spacious and uncluttered feel.

Grey and black loveseats

This loveseat setup makes the best use of this airy apartment’s under-stairs space, which is easy to recreate in any other unused nooks of the home. On the side cabinets, a white glass mushroom lamp provides a warm glow for darker evenings and early mornings.

Grey loveseat black loveseat grey velvet loveseat black velvet loveseat charcoal grey loveseat

The Charcoal Velvet fabric of this chair works seamlessly with the grey industrial tones of the overhead metal stairs and on-trend polished concrete flooring.

Loveseat FAQs

How do I arrange my loveseat and couch?

When arranging your loveseat and couch, avoid putting them side-by-side, against one wall. Ideally, your loveseat should be placed in a way that creates a social space for conversation. This could be an opposite corner of the room, or angled towards a central feature point, like a coffee table.

How do you arrange pillows on a loveseat?

Keep it simple when arranging pillows on a loveseat. One on either side creates a comfy spot for solo sitting. Alternatively, keep cushions to one side and place the largest pillow at the back to create the illusion of depth.

Where do you place a loveseat in a living room?

Loveseats work best when placed opposite the main sofa, or in a recessed part of the living room such as either side of a fireplace. If your living room has a great view, placing the loveseat facing a window or glass doors creates a perfect area to relax in.
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