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6 of our favourite scents this autumn winter season

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Olivia Lowry
6 of our favourite scents this autumn winter season

As the days get shorter and nights-in become more frequent, your search for a new scented candle’s probably already started. Getting the ambience right in your home is just as important as the way it looks, and scents are the quickest way to achieve a cosier feel. As self-confessed home fragrance fans, we’ve rounded up our top picks of the best candles available this autumn and winter - cosy vibes guaranteed. 

Atlas Cedar Candle / Earl of East

soy wax candle cedar candle cosy autumn aesthetic autumnal aesthetic cosy home cosy living room ideas best candles to buy 2022

If a snow-topped mountain had a scent, it’d be this. Earl of East’s soy wax blend combines cedar wood, olive leaf and white musk, perfectly poured into a recyclable amber glass jar.

260ml £50
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Frankincense, Bergamot and Ginger Candle / Lit

frankincense ginger bergamot candle autumn candle guide winter candle guide scented candles

Hand-poured in Yorkshire, this Christmassy scent by Lit is made up of a blend of festive fragrance. Frankincense, bergamot and ginger come together in this one to create a relaxing aroma.

140g £28
280g £40

Cuban Tobacco and Oak Candle / Roots

cuban tobacco candle scented candle roots wellness

Dubbed as their ‘favourite candle fragrance’, this autumnal scent from Roots remind us of woodland walks. Think earthy, wood notes, combined with revitalising citrus.

180g £20
460g £40
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Torii Large Essential Oil Candle / Cedar Lifestyle

torii essential oil candle cedar lifestyle

Bringing floral fragrance into the winter season is this combination of mandarin, patchouli and jasmine by Cedar Lifestyle. Best of all, this candle’s 100% vegan.

280g £32
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Maegan Black Iris and Leather Candle / Nordic Muse

maegen black iris and leather scented candle nordic muse

Manchester-based independent Nordic Muse offers up a style statement in the MÆGEN candle. Enjoy cosy bookshop-like scents of black iris and leather, in a sleek ceramic vessel that can be repurposed as a decorative dish when finished with.

170g £18 

Eden Refillable Candle / Eym + Lucy Williams

eden eym refillable candle lucy williams candle scented candle

Designed in collaboration with artist Lucy Williams, this refillable glass scented candle is the ideal treat-yourself autumnal buy. Refreshing ginger is combined with neroli and violet for an ultra relaxing aroma, and the glass jar is a statement in itself. Love it.

350g £150
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