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10 easy ways you can transform your home into a hotel for summer

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Ed Hawes
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With summer approaching and travel plans still uncertain for some, now is the perfect time to invest in your accessories and furnishings to get that hotel experience without leaving the house. Using just a little creativity, you can enjoy that five-star feeling every day of the week and create a home your friends and family will love.

If you’re hoping to welcome visitors in the next few months – our research shows 39% of Brits are planning on having guests this summer – you can also use these tips in your guest bedroom to replicate that hotel feel and give your nearest and dearest a little touch of luxury. Here are some of our favourite hotel-inspired ideas to get you started.

1. Make your bed each day with crisp, white sheets

There are few things better in life than climbing into a freshly made bed. If your sheets are crisp, white and freshly scented, all the better.

Get that hotel bed feel by investing in high-quality linens and washing them at least once a week. Take them out of the dryer when they’re still slightly damp and finish them off with a hot iron. Store your sheets in a cool, dry place so they’re fresh and ready to go when you need them.

2. Use a signature fragrance throughout your home

Many luxury hotels use a signature fragrance to perfume their rooms and give the space a welcoming and relaxing feel. Using the same technique in your home will help make it feel like a hotel and ensure you’re met with a delicious scent every time you walk through your front door.

Use scented candles or a perfumed diffuser to spread the fragrance around your house. Alternatively, go green and invest in flowers or plants with a naturally strong aroma.

3. Fill your home with fresh flowers

Not only do fresh flowers make your home smell great, they also add colour and style to your interior. Top hoteliers often use seasonal blooms to help brighten rooms and communal areas. Change your flowers as often as you can keep things looking, and smelling, fresh.

4. Treat yourself to some spa-inspired bath sets

While mini toiletries are the most instantly recognisable form of hotel bathroom accessory, they’re far from the most practical or environmentally friendly. If you want that hotel feel without the inconveniently small bottles, buy some luxurious shampoos, body washes and moisturisers for your bathroom and give your home an irresistible spa feel.

5. Stock your bathroom with fluffy, clean towels

Another way to extend that luxury hotel feeling into your bathroom is by investing in some large, fluffy towels. Most hotel towels measure at least 40” x 70” and are tumble dried to keep them feeling like new.

If you don’t have a tumble dryer, line drying can achieve the same fluffy effect! Just make sure you avoid drying your towel on the radiator as they will dry too quickly and can harden as a result.

6. Refresh your home with inspired purchases

If you have a favourite holiday destination or hotel, use artwork, ornaments, colours or other aesthetics inspired by the location when decorating your home.

Replicating colour schemes, interior design themes and layouts will help to transport you to your dream destination without leaving the comfort of your own home.

7. Plump your pillows

Plumping your pillows is a quick, easy and effective way of adding hotel comfort to your bedroom or living space. Plump your pillows and cushions when you make your bed in the morning and when you leave your sofa at night. As well as feeling fantastic, regular plumping will help your cushions and pillows to maintain their shape for longer.

If your sofa is looking a bit lack-lustre, and plumping pillows doesn’t really make the cut, consider investing in a new sofa can be a great way to inject life into a tired room. Take a look at our beautiful Model 01, Model 02 , Model 03 and Model 04 ranges to find the piece that’s perfect for your home.

8. Hotel snacks

Give your fridge the hotel treatment by stocking it full of your favourite drinks, bar snacks and treats. Think mini Coca-cola’s, perhaps some of your favourite wine or classic hotel salted nut mixes.

If you want to go one step further, put a little chocolate or mint on your pillow in the morning so you have something indulgent to look forward to when you get into bed at night.

9. Invest in towelling robes and plush slippers

Towelling robes and fluffy slippers are the ultimate in luxury hotel attire. As well as treating yourself to some plush robes and slippers, why not buy some extra sets for guests and share that luxury experience?

10. Create a dining experience

Hotel-standard table service may be slightly trickier to emulate at home, but your tableware and dining experience can come pretty close!

Dressing your table for dinner will look fantastic and help to give your dining area that hotel feel. Use matching tableware wherever possible and choose colours and patterns that reflect your style and interior décor for the full boutique experience.

Got a guest bedroom and not sure what to do with it? Take a look at our top guest bedroom ideas to transform into a luxurious, comfortable space that your friends and family will love to stay in.

If you’re looking forward to finally hosting guests again this summer, find out how the rest of the nation are feeling and learn how to get your home guest-ready in our home hosting report.
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