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10 of the Cosiest Living Room Corner Ideas

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Olivia Lowry
red velvet armchair

It’s officially hibernation season here at Swyft. In the spirit of making our homes as cosy as possible, this week we’re looking at living rooms. Most of us have a bit of a neglected living room corner, you know the one. That spot that gathers dust, odds and ends, or has been unused and empty for a while. 

This guide is all about turning these forgotten corners into your favourite part of the house. Create yourself a place to retreat to on evenings and weekends - ideal for unwinding and recharging. Whether you’ve got a tiny squeezed-in space or the grandeur of a large living room, there’s an idea here for everyone. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into them.

1. Reading nook

red armchair

We’re starting with the most obvious idea here, but for good reason (because who doesn’t love curling up with a great book?). To create your own reading nook, install wall-mounted or freestanding bookshelves and fill them with your favourite reads. Make sure your reading corner has a comfortable chair - armchairs or loveseats are ideal options for hours of cosy reading time. Pair your chair with a floor or table lamp that allows you to see your book, without being too bright and overpowering. If a cup of coffee/tea is essential to your reading experience, make sure to include a side table for sipping.

2. Listening corner

sofa with record player table

Living rooms are the perfect place for listening to a much-anticipated album, enjoying the latest episode of your favourite podcast or lowering the needle on some brand-new vinyl. Make use of dead space in your living room by creating a dedicated listening corner. If records are your thing, create wall storage or add a cabinet to your corner to display your favourites. If space is limited, add a wall hook for headphones for easy listening access. Adding a rug to your listening corner will help dampen outside sound, so you can enjoy whatever’s in your headphones, undisturbed.

3. A Sunday snooze spot

black velvet armchair

When a Sunday afternoon nap’s on the cards, your living room corner awaits. Choose a cosy tucked-away spot and create a comfy haven with blankets, throws and cushions. Decorate your space with calming neutral colours or go a bit bolder with warm and inviting dark tones. Layer up your rugs and throws for the best chance of a blissful weekend nap, and consider a side table for a cosy autumnal/wintery drink.

4. A cosy crafting corner

crafting corner

Image: Pinterest

This one’s for all the creative and crafty people. Make full use of your living room and give yourself a place to get stuck into hobbies with a crafting corner. Incorporate clever storage solutions to help keep things tidy - pegboards, caddies and decorative boxes are all great options. If space is an issue, consider using a solid fold-down table to work from. Surround yourself with inspiration by creating a board for your corner where you can display patterns, fabric swatches, or any project ideas you’ve got in the pipeline.

5. Create space for two

Chesterfield love seat

What’s a cosy corner without someone to share it with? If you’ve got someone in mind, consider adding a loveseat to your living room corner. Loveseats are the best option for two to share a comfortable spot, or if you just like more space for yourself, we’re not judging. This type of chair is ideal if you’ve got a little more space in your living room corner. Be sure to measure up your room before committing to a loveseat, to ensure it fits snugly in place without taking up too much of the rest of the room.

6. Create a window seat

under stairs armchair seating area

Whether you’re people watching or you’ve got a room with a view - a window seat is always a good idea. If you’re lucky enough to have a floor-to-ceiling window or glass door, this can make the perfect corner spot to turn into a bit of a statement. In cottage-like houses or period homes, adding a window seat to a corner makes a lovely place to sit with a book, an extra spot for friends to sit or just a place to watch the world go by.

7. A meditation/yoga zone

Yoga interior

Image: Pinterest

Find your most peaceful state by turning your living room corner into a meditation zone. Create a space that’s dedicated to mindfulness, relaxation and destressing. Comfort’s key here, so you’ll want to lay down a soft non-slip yoga mat or decorative rug. Incorporate calming elements that awaken the senses like candles, or a diffuser with your favourite essential oils. If you’re using the floor in your meditation corner, consider adding some comfortable cushions to sit on, and have a basket or storage ottoman nearby to store them neatly away. Finish up your zen corner with abstract or nature-inspired artwork that makes you feel calm, relaxed and focused.

8. A place for your pet

Velvet cushion pet bed

Image: @interiorswithjessica

Puppy parent? Or perhaps you’ve got a cat? Treat your pet to their own slice of the house by creating a dedicated pet corner. Choose a pet bed that both complements the room’s decor and is super comfy for your sidekick. Include their favourite toys, and have a space for storage when they’re not being used. Layer up blankets for the cosiest corner feel, ideal for chilly autumn and winter days. For pets that like their own enclosed space, consider a pet house or built-in hideaway so they can have their own retreat.

9. A warming drinks station

Coffee corner station

Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin-spiced lattes are in season, but why not have fun drinks all year round? If you’ve got an unused corner of your living room, a drinks station might just be the answer to adding some personality to your space. Create a spot on top of a sideboard or on shelving by adding a coffee machine or tea kettle nearby - the perfect spot for morning pick-me-ups.

10. Get your feet up

Armchair with ottoman

After a long week, you deserve to put your feet up. If you’ve already got seating for your cosy living room corner sorted, consider adding an ottoman or footstool to elevate the experience. Turn your armchair into a snooze-worthy spot that you won’t want to move from (or give up to anyone else!). Pick a colour that contrasts with your chair for the most impactful look, or keep it toned down with a matching fabric colour.
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