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10 Clever Christmas Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

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Olivia Lowry
Christmas living room with red sofa

Christmas decorating has never been more fun, and this year we’re getting our festive decor on early. In an ideal world, we’d have a Home Alone-sized house to cover in Christmas decorations. For those of us with smaller (ie not Kevin McAlister-sized) homes, decorating for the season requires a bit of creative thinking. 

For this guide, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best small-space Christmas decor ideas. We’re focusing on the idea of not adding too much clutter, whilst also making sure your place feels suitably santa-ready.

How do I choose a Christmas tree for a small living room?

Arguably, the most important question is how to choose a Christmas tree for a small living room. First up, you’ll want to measure your floor-to-ceiling height. If you haven’t guessed already, the best way to fit a Christmas tree into a small space is by making use of the height of the room. When you’re choosing a Christmas tree that’s going into a tight spot, try to pick slimmer, taller trees. The more floor space you can save, the better. If you’re going to struggle to fit one into the room, consider a smaller, more compact tabletop tree.

How do I decorate a small house for Christmas?

Just because your place isn’t huge doesn’t mean you need to miss out on achieving a cosy festive look. Here are our top ideas.

1. Create a festive staircase

Bannister Christmas garland

Image: @realsimple

Create a welcoming and cosy feel to your staircase by decorating the bannisters. With no floor space compromised, this is a great option for smaller homes.

2. Keep your colour schemes cohesive

neutral christmas decor

Image: @skandibyheart

Small spaces can end up feeling cluttered when you add lots of Christmas decor. Avoid this by keeping to a colour scheme when choosing what you’re going to style your home with. Opt for warm neutrals and complimentary colours to keep your place feeling spacious.

3. Create a DIY bauble garland

DIY Christmas bauble garland

Image: @redmagazine

Hang your favourite baubles for an instant festive pick-me-up that doesn’t take up precious floor space. Make this garland from different-sized baubles and hang them with ribbon for a traditional Christmas feel.

4. Opt for a mini Christmas tree

mini Christmas tree

Image: @leafenvy

If you’ve not got the floor space for a big tree, it makes sense to go mini. Use a smaller spruce that can be propped up on a stool, side table or even a windowsill. Don’t forget to add mini baubles and decor to complete the look.

5. Try out the viral tension rod hack

tension rod Christmas garland hack viral

Image: @howdens

If you’re renting (or don’t fancy getting the drill out), this viral hack will change how you decorate for Christmas. Use a tension rod to create the perfect sturdy base for hanging garlands and lights across door frames or ceilings - no screws needed.

6. Swap out your sofa accessories

Sofa with Christmas cushions

Image: @libsfaulk

Changing up your soft furnishings for the season is a great quick decor idea that doesn’t take up any extra space. Try adding Christmas-themed cushions, blankets and throws to your sofa.

7. Decorate inside and outside doors

Christmas wreath on door

Image: @studiomcgee

Wreaths aren’t just for outside doors, in our opinion. Decorate your small space for Christmas by adding one to your internal doors, or use coat hangers to hang up your Christmas stockings.

8. Create a cosy atmosphere

Christmas living room with red sofa

Lean into your small home’s cosy atmosphere by adding warm-coloured string lights for Christmas, or opt for multi-wick candles to create a festive glow.

9. Give tabletops a festive touch

Christmas table decor

Image: @alacollection

Add a festive touch to your dining table or coffee table with no extra space needed. Consider layering textiles in your chosen Christmas colour palette and add festive flowers, candles and table runners on the big day.

10. Decorate any unused space

Christmas garland shelf

Image: @thegritandpolish

Consider other unused areas you could decorate such as underneath shelves, windowsills or on top of cabinets. Make a feature out of smaller, hidden-away corners of your place.
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