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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bed

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Ed Hawes
Bed Buying Guide

Choosing the right bed is one of the biggest furniture decisions you will ever make. Sounds dramatic? Let’s assume, the average person sleeps eight hours per night, and lives to see 74 life-fulfilling years. That’s an average of 24 years spent in bed. Mind blown. So, choosing the right bed is a massive deal. Yes, you might not spend the entire 24 years in the same bed. In fact, most buy a new bed when it’s time to replace the mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends we replace our mattresses every 7 -10 years. That’s a whopping 10 beds per life (FYI, our bed frames are guaranteed for 15 years, aka two mattresses). So, the right bed and mattress are paramount to a good night’s sleep. 

That’s why we've created the world’s best bed buying guide. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to do before  buying a bed. 

How do you buy a good bed?

  • Understand your budget 
  • Choose the right size 
  • Look at reviews and warranties 
  • Try before you buy 

Not only do you need a good night’s sleep, but you need to dream in style. Which means a bed that fits the bedroom’s interior. A tranquil setting for your personal style and preferences. 


What is your budget? Beds can range from affordable to eye-wateringly expensive, so knowing how much cash you have to splash would be an excellent place to start. Cheaper beds usually don’t have longevity in mind. Whereas, a more expensive sleeping pad will last years, and for far longer than its expiry date. 

It‘s worth noting how much time you have. Do you need a bed tomorrow or in a few weeks? Made to Order beds can take a few weeks to a couple months to arrive. A boxed, flat-pack bed can be delivered within days, and sometimes, hours (*cough* Swyft *cough*). 

Our beds come with no tool assembly, so stress-free. And sit somewhere in the middle when talking about the price.   


Beds come in a range of sizes; singles, doubles, queen, king, and SUPER king. Let me ask you this: how will you be using your tranquil oasis (no judgement here, it’s a safe space)? Will you be flying solo, or with your partner in crime? Is the bed for your child or to be shared with a furry friend? Is it for the master bedroom or one of the spares? Are you short or tall? (There is nothing worse than naked toes poking out the end of the duvet on a cold winter’s evening). 

In short, my point is that choosing the right sized bed is paramount. Once you’ve settled on a size, double check it will fit in your space. Buying a bed can be a minefield, so making sure you will fit into your new burrito roll, by measuring the room, is of the utmost importance.

Reviews and warranties 

The best way to know if a bed you're eyeing up is worthy of your hard-earned cash is to understand what others think of their new beds. Read through the company’s reviews section (every established business will have one) and get a feel of past customers' experiences. Bare in mind, no company is perfect, deliveries mess up from time-to-time, but it will paint a detailed picture of the product quality and service provided. One more tip: look out for customer service responses; a response is a tell-tale sign of how the company handles customer service issues. 

Understanding the warranty on a bed or bed frame is crucial. The last thing you need is a broken bed frame six months in only to discover the bed is out of warranty, and the company has washed their hands of any responsibility. After care is important. Make sure the warranty or guarantee is within a 7-10+ year period, so if anything goes wrong you know it will be fixed during the bed’s lifespan. 

Try before you buy 

Try the bed before you buy. Not always possible, but it will make the decision a hell-of-alot easier. Worst case, find a company with an excellent returns policy. A policy that will allow you to send the bed back after a short time period if it’s not right (100 day returns over here *waves*). There is nothing worse than being stuck with a furniture piece that doesn’t fit, looks out of place, or the quality isn’t up to scratch. 

How do I choose a bed frame? 

Bed Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of bed frame helps with the aesthetics and feeling of a room. So, it shouldn’t be overlooked. In this section we look at: 

  • Bed frame materials 
  • Bedroom layout 
  • Bed frame height 

Bed frame materials

When it comes to bed materials, the world is your oyster. Beds can be made from a multitude of materials; the most common being metal, wood and upholstery. Deciding on which type of material to go for can be daunting - there are hundreds of styles, variations and colours. First and foremost, the bed needs to complement the aesthetics of your bedroom. The style of your interior will/ should dictate what type of bed material you choose.

A wooden walnut bed frame, for example, pairs with a neutral colour scheme - walnut is a dark brown, so it will need to be contrasted against a light grey, cream of white shaded walls. An upholstered bed frame, with a pastel colour, creates a cosy, relaxing texture that evokes the feeling of tranquility. The bedroom can then either have a dark colour palette, to contrast against an upholstered bed frame, or it can incorporate a light scheme to enhance the fresh, airy aesthetics created by an upholstered bed. 

As with all interior decisions, it comes down to personal preference. So, take your time, and order fabric or material samples to see and feel in-person. 

Bedroom layout

The bed frame should fit well within your bedroom, so think about the size of the frame. A bulky frame might not be the best choice if your room is small, for example. Placing the bed centred against a wall, with two bedside tables either side, is normal procedure. And for good reason. If the bed is shared, this positioning creates a nice walk-through for both parties. 

Map out the room layout, making sure you’ve incorporated this aspect. And find a bed frame that works well with the layout you’ve got.

Bed frame height

The height of a bed frame can also alter the appearance and feel of a bedroom. A bed that sits low to the ground can create the feeling of more space. But, it might also remove the option for storage space underneath. A bed frame that sits higher off the ground, will obviously provide storage space, but might be too overbearing in a small room. 

Second to this: Headboard or no headboard? Similar rules apply as with the bed frame height. A headboard should be limited to beds in a large enough room, and incorporate the room's aesthetics. 

What are the UK bed sizes?

Bed Buying Guide

Choosing the right sized bed for your bedroom is important - not only to guarantee a good night’s sleep, but to ensure the feng shui is spot on and creates a tranquil, relaxed environment. 

Single: 90 cm × 190 cm (35 in × 75 in)

A single bed is perfect for the spare room or a child’s first ‘grown-up’ bed. If guests are coming to stay and don’t have enough room for a spare double, then a single bed is a guaranteed win.

Small double (or Queen): 120 cm × 190 cm (47 in × 75 in)

A queen sized bed is a middle ground between a single and a double bed. Perfect for growing adolescents who want more space than a single bed offers. Or, when the room size is not quite big enough for a double. When space is a premium, throw a queen bed in the spare room.

Double: 135 cm × 190 cm (53 in × 75 in)

A UK double-sized bed is the most common of bed sizes. It’s an ideal size for two adults with enough space for both parties to curl up and have a good night’s sleep. A double will also fit into most master bedrooms, or a generously sized spare room. 

King: 150 cm × 200 cm (59 in × 79 in)

A king sized bed is slightly larger than a double (and my preferred size, if you’re asking). It's a well sized bed, providing much needed extra space for the best night’s sleep. You could even create a pillow wall if the person you’re sharing with is a sprawler. 

Super King: 180 cm × 200 cm (71 in × 79 in)

You know you’ve made it when you own the stately home of burrito rolls, the mansion of marshmallows, the ultimate dream-catcher. A super king bed is made for the Royals of our world. Big enough to throw a party, it’s guaranteed to offer an incredible night’s sleep.  

Whatever bed, bed frame - upholstered bed or not - you choose, follow the steps provided above and  your purchasing journey will be that much easier. You might also want to turn your eye to a new mattress, but that’s a whole other ball game. We’ll save that for another blog post. 
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