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13 winter decoration ideas for your home

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Samuel Hurley
13 winter decoration ideas for your home

After two strange years, it’s time for a fresh start.

You’ve likely already set yourself a few resolutions or challenges for the year, but with so much uncertainty and disruption in the air, it can be tough to feel the motivation to do anything you’ve set out to do.

If this sounds like you, the best way to keep your motivation up is to ensure your surroundings offer a positive and encouraging environment in which you can thrive.

In Winter, it’s easy to hibernate under a blanket and refuse to get up off the sofa (afterall, all the best TV comes out in the colder months…). But with a fresh lick of paint, and a few new decor ideas, your living space can help you start the year as you mean to go on.

How can I decorate my house in January?

You’ll likely spend more time in the house in January than any other time of year. It’s cold, the nights draw in so quickly and you’re still recovering from an expensive season of gift giving and socializing...

But rather than sitting in the shadows of the festive period, you can focus your efforts on the new year by styling your house for the rest of winter. Winter decorations often combine Christmas decor with other rustic details to create the perfect style to see you through to the Spring.

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your house after Christmas, but if you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

1. Don’t ditch the festivities

When Christmas is looming, there’s so many things to organise, buy and arrange before the big day, that it’s impossible to just sit by and let the days go to waste.

So if you’re looking to keep the momentum going into the new year, you might want to find a way to keep the festivities around.

But how do you style your house for Winter, rather than just for Christmas?

Festive decorations like garlands, dried oranges and pine cones are all perfect for a cosy Winter retreat - even when Christmas has passed.

So keep the garland on the fireplace or staircase and repurpose your wreath as a table decoration for family dinners. Alternatively, create a new winter wreath using our tutorial: How to make a winter wreath.

2. Thick knitting yarns

When you’re looking for Winter decor ideas, think warming textures, snow-white colour palettes and cosy accent colours. 

Chunky knit throws - homemade or otherwise -  are perfect for draping over the edge of the sofa for an Instagram-ready cosy style.

You can also keep this style going for Winter table decoration ideas. Wrap thick wool and yarns around jars or vases to turn your Spring and Summer glassware into all-season pieces. Fill the vases with Winter blooms and berries or small mementos from a chilly Winter walk in the woods.

Combine your new winter decor with tall candles and fir branches for the perfect table centerpiece or or window display.

3. Cable Knit Soft Furnishings

Another cosy material is cable knit. Create your own seat cushions, or buy store bought cable knit throws to transform your space into an stunning Apres-Ski chalet.  You can even buy cable knit wine bottle holders to keep the red warm at the dinner table.

4. Red Plaid

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, is there anything more iconic than red plaid?

Add plaid ribbon to your garlands, wrap up vases or make napkin rings from tartan material. It’s ideal for warming up a white interior and offering a vintage style for the home.

Vintage textiles, as well as natural materials, are all set to make a comeback this year, and you can check out our post about other trends you can expect to see, here: Interior design trends 2022.

Warming terracotta, natural greens and - of course - stoney greys will continue to be popular in the new year, so get ahead of the trend with one of our green sofas or brick sofas collection.

5. Chestnuts (and pinecones) roasting by an open fire

Bring the best bits of Winter nature into the home for a rustic style. Chestnuts and pinecones can be used to fill bowls and trinket dishes on the coffee table or by the fireplace.

If you’re looking for white winter decor, spray the pinecones with fake snow or dip them in white glitter that will sparkle in the light of the roaring fire.

6. Hot chocolate station

One of the biggest trends in 2021 was no doubt the hot chocolate station. Every family home had one, and there’s no need to tidy it away just yet.

This is the ideal little treat for when you arrive home from walking the dog and need to regain feeling in your toes!

Create a small space in the kitchen, hallway or lounge with mugs, cocoa and all the trimmings. You could even keep the hot chocolate bubbling away all through the day in a slow cooker. Don’t forget to fill the biscuit tin, too!

7. White and gold

White and gold is a timeless colour scheme that works all year round, but it is particularly great for the Winter.

The white often keeps things feeling fresh while the natural light throughout the day makes gold detailing shimmer that bit more brightly. It’s a really elegant style that can be molded to look great in just about any home, too.

You could even paint pinecones white or spray them with metallic paint to create a centerpiece for the table. Alternatively use a needle and thread to string together painted pinecones for a simple garland.

8. Apres Ski

If you’re missing the slopes, and want to bring some of the magic home, there’s nothing to stop you turning your home into a chalet for the chilly months. Faux fur rugs, natural woods, plaid and vintage skis can all be used to decorate the house.

9. Mason jar lighting

Whether you’re snuggling down for a family games night, or treating yourself to one last Christmas film, mason jar lighting is the perfect way to set the mood. Fill jars with battery-powered fairy lights and display on the coffee table or mantelpiece for a setting that feels a little magical.

Mason jar lighting also doubles up as a great winter decorating idea for window boxes. Hang single baubles on ribbons from the top of the window and dot mason jars, candles and twigs across the bottom.

10. Re-purpose old jumpers

There are plenty of ways to re-use old jumpers to create Winter house decor for your home. Use the sleeves to cover vases and ornamental jars, or use the body to create a funky cushion.

11. Don’t forget the outside

While you probably already have plenty of ideas for how you’re going to decorate indoors, there’s plenty of Winter display ideas that can be done outside to make your home look even more like a winter wonderland.

Decorating your porch with firewood, kindling bags, and garlands is the perfect way to make yourself smile as you head home from a stressful day. It’ll also give your house some serious curb appeal.

There are plenty of Winter porch decorating ideas on Pinterest, no matter how much space you’ve got to work with.

12. Prepare a space for muddy shoes

There’s nothing better than a long Sunday morning walk in the Winter, wrapped up in coats and scarves, then heading home for a hot bubble bath. But the downside to a Winter walk? Muddy shoes.

To prevent a never-ending stream of mopping and vacuuming, it’s a good idea to prepare your hallway or porch for muddy outwear. Make sure to decorate with plenty of doormats and install hooks for wet coats and a box for wet umbrellas.

13. Channel the Summer

The final option for your January decorating is, of course, to channel the upcoming warmer weather. Brighter colours, summery wall art and floral decor. It’s the perfect way to bring the Spring nearer, even on the darkest of Winter days.

There’s something about January that feels fresh, new and exciting. 

Anything is possible in the new year, and creating a fresh new look around the house is a great way to get started.

New year, new sofa? Shop All Sofas and be inspired to create a brand new look for your lounge.

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