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Why modular sofas are perfect for entertaining?

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Ed Hawes
modular sofas

As we rocket into silly season, there’s no better time than now to start thinking about the best ways to entertain at home. From Halloween to Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving to Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve; that’s two months of drinks, dinner parties, and family gatherings.

What better way than to prepare your home for the army of visitors by investing in a modular sofa? A modular sofa is the perfect sofa for entertaining, why? Here, we’ve listed out six reasons why you should entertain friends and family with a modular sofa: 

  1. Modular sofas are flexible 
  2. Easily adaptable to the room 
  3. Versatile design and styles 
  4. Built-in storage 
  5. Modular sofas with entertainment features
  6. Deep seats for extra comfort

Why are modular sofas perfect for entertaining? 

Modular sofas are perfect for entertaining because they are flexible, can easily be rearranged, seats can be added, and they have a versatile design and innovative entertainment features like built-in USB ports. 

green modular sofas

Modular sofas are flexible

Modular sofas can be rearranged into new seating arrangements to suit the set-up, which provides the ease and flexibility needed when it comes to entertaining at home. It means you are in control of your living room. The module aspect allows you to move and rearrange the shape and seats as you please. From L-shaped sofas to corners, U-shaped to two–seaters facing each. Modular sofas are the epitome of flexible, modern living.  For example, the Swyft Model 03 modular sofa modules aren’t attached, only held in place by rubber grips on their feet, which allows them to be moved with ease. Whereas, Swyft’s Model 06 modules are connected by a singular metal hook, which can be removed and reattached within seconds. 

Easily adaptable to the room 

Modular sofas are adaptable to their environment. If you move to a bigger home, for example, you can tailor the number of seats to the space. If your entertaining needs change, they can be reflected in how you build and arrange the sofa.  

Versatile design and styles 

Modular sofas come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colours, and fabrics. Take Swyft as an example, the Model 03 follows a minimalist, Scandinavian Modern design, whereas, the Model 06 has a more timeless, classic style. However, both are available in 50+ fabric colours. From boucle fabric to velvet, linen to chenille, cotton to wool, and faux leather to faux suede. There’s a limitless number of styles and fabrics that guarantee your modular sofa fits any interior style.   

Built-in storage 

If a modular sofa couldn’t be any more appealing, look no further than the storage modular sofa. A modular sofa with a storage option is the perfect solution for those with limited space, or for those who want to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Why is a modular sofa with storage great for entertaining? It keeps throws, cushions, books, TV remotes, and any home accessories or entertainment clutter close to hand, within easy reach – and not on show. 

Modular sofas with entertainment features

There are a lot of new modular sofa designs popping up that are made for entertainment worshippers. A sofa wouldn’t be an entertainment hub without a built-in USB charging point, cup holders, speakers, and or reclining seats. 

We’re not big fans of a recliner, but if you’re that way inclined then a reclining modular sofa is the ultimate entertainment sofa. 

Deep seats for extra comfort

Most modular sofas come with comfort in mind. Built with deep seats, and bounce-back high-density foam cushions, to ensure they keep shape, and have enough space to unwind, lounge, and most importantly, entertain. Swyft’s Model 06 has generously sized proportions that put into question the size of an average 3-seater sofa. Its high back redefines the word ‘lounging’. 

Outside of entertainment, the benefits of a modular sofa are also economical, easily transportable and its impact on the environment – damage can be fixed by replacing parts instead of the entire sofa. 

With that in mind, here’s a selection of commonly asked questions and concerns about using modular sofas when entertaining: 

What types of events or gatherings are modular sofas best suited for?

Modular sofas are suited for all types of gatherings, that’s why it's the perfect sofa for entertaining. Movie nights, hangouts, drinks, or cocktail parties – modular sofas are adaptable, which means they can cater to a vast number of guests. 

Are modular sofas durable enough for frequent entertaining? 

Yes, most modern modular sofas are durable for frequent entertaining. In terms of fabric sofas, it’s important to check the Martindale rub count of your chosen fabric. In the UK, retail fabrics need to have a rub count of 30,000. However, for commercial use, fabrics can go up to 100,000.  

A rub count of 30,000 should be fine, but if you’re worried about fading or damage, it’s sometimes possible to purchase commercial fabrics for your use. 

Are there any downsides to modular sofas when entertaining? 

There aren’t many disadvantages to using a modular sofa when entertaining. That being said, if we had to pick one thing, it would be that a modular sofa might create gaps or awkward spaces that might interrupt the flow of conversation. However, this can be easily rectified by rearranging the seating to best fit the space and to reflect where people are sitting. 

Are modular sofas space-efficient? 

As mentioned previously, modular sofas are a practical space-saving solution. To ensure the fit is perfect, they can be tailored to the space and room size. Modular sofas can be easily moved and rearranged —explore different configurations in their current space before guests arrive.

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