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Our interior designer's guide to AW23 decor trends

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Olivia Lowry
pink sofa with pink rug

This summer at Swyft we’ve covered plenty of outdoor how-to’s, but we’ve also been on hand with plenty of indoor style guides for those (far too frequent) rainy spells this year. We can’t quite believe it’s already getting into the autumn/winter season, and we’re super excited about everything the colder months have to offer. Cosy autumn vibes have officially begun here at Swyft. 

Our in-house interiors expert and designer Kelly Collins is always out there searching for the best decor inspiration, so we caught up with her for this year’s AW23 interior style guide. In this edition, Kelly covers everything from biophilic design to bold colours, and shows us how to nail each trend for a happier home in the winter months. Now all you’ve got to do is take a seat, grab a cuppa and enjoy your own personal guide to this season’s best decor trends.

Interior stylist Kelly Collins

Swyft interiors expert and designer Kelly Collins

Earthy tones

“Ok, first up has to be earthy tones. The past few years everyone’s been really big on neutrals and before that, it was grey that I saw everywhere. When I say earthy tones, I’m talking about colours that are naturally found. There are two main groups that stand out to me that are perfect for home interiors,” Kelly explains.

Earthy tones - pinks/reds

“We’re going to see so much more pink come through in interior choices this season and into next year. Unfortunately for all you Barbie lovers out there, it’s all about pinks and reds that are a little more toned down. Anyone who knows me knows I’m massively into bold pinks like Peony, but this trend focuses more on toned-down versions like warm browns, Terracotta, Rust, Henna and Brick.

red sofa

Image: @no.8project. Sofa: Model 06 in Brick. 

“If you’re after a super calming vibe in your living room, these are what you’ll want to go for. Using naturally occurring hues like this is a great option for those who really want to inject a bit of colour, but don’t want to make the commitment of an in-your-face statement colour,” she explains.

pink sofa

Model 03 sofa in Henna

Earthy tones - greens

Millennial green is now a thing - who knew!” Kelly laughs. “Vine has been one of my favourite colours and our customer’s favourite fabric colour pretty much since the beginning of Swyft. It’s so versatile, and that’s one of the things I love about this AW23 trend of earthy tones. There are so many options for green decor out there - and whether you choose to use it as an accent or go all-out with colour drenching is totally up to you.”

green sofa in a green living room

Image: @jacklclarke. Sofa: Model 05 in Moss. 

“Greens I’m loving at the moment are a little more subtle, going with the organic theme. If you’re changing up your place this season, try out Spruce, Moss or Celery - they’re all great options for nailing this trend with a slightly different angle,” says Kelly.

Biophilic design

“If you love your indoor plants and nature in general, you probably already know a bit about biophilic design. This concept isn’t anything new - it’s been used by architects and interior designers for decades. In super simple terms, biophilic design is all about spaces that make you feel more connected to nature. I’m confident that we’ll see it get even more popular in interiors this AW23 season.” says Kelly.

biophilic office design

Image: @dezeen.

“When it comes to home decor, this is one of those trends that doesn’t just look great, it makes you feel great too. Creating a better sense of wellbeing is important year-round, and even more so in the winter months when we’re getting less sun and more showers,” she explains.

green sofa and plants

Image: @maireadturner. Sofa: Model 03 in Vine. 

“Incorporating biophilic design into your place doesn’t have to be complicated - we’re not trying to recreate the Eden project here! Increasing the number of houseplants you’ve got in your home is the most obvious choice, but if you’re not green-fingered, there are plenty of other ways to create a calming oasis. Include natural materials in your decor choices - things like real wood, rattan, jute and stone are important when designing a biophilic-inspired interior. When it comes to furniture, you’ll want to create a relaxed organic feel with pieces that are more on the slouchy side - avoid making everything look super uniform and neat. It’s all about mimicking natural patterns and shapes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this concept in your own home.”

Dopamine dressing

“Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn and winter, but the lack of sun and shorter days always has me missing summer,” says Kelly. “If you’re someone who gets a bit of the winter blues, or you just love tonnes of colour, dopamine dressing is definitely one to try. This is a relatively new interior design trend, and I’m predicting it’s really going to take off towards the end of 2023 as the days get shorter. Dopamine dressing is all about using colour, pattern, texture and accessories that make you feel happier in your space. It’s playful, joy-inducing stuff.”

pink sofa with pink rug

Sofa bed: Model 04 in Peony.

“There’s a sense of nostalgia with this trend too. I’m seeing lots of vintage and retro items being used as decor, especially anything that’s quirky and very of its time - think 60’s/70’s rotary phones, 80’s/90’s lava lamps - basically anything with lots of nostalgic good vibes. If dopamine dressing is an interior trend you want to try out for yourself, start by choosing colours you’re drawn to that make you feel happy. In your soft furnishings and furniture, choose textures that make you feel safe and comfy. Then, bring the look together with accessories that spark joy or bring back happy memories. Your home interior has so much power to make you feel happier in gloomy winter months - dopamine dressing is the proof.”

Red velvet armchair

Image: @homeofcharl. Armchair: Model 01 in Harissa.

Retro hues

“Yes - retro is definitely here to stay! I talked about vintage vibes in our last style guide, and as a lover of this trend I’m very happy it’s back in full swing for the AW23 season,” says Kelly. “This year and next it’s going to be all about warm, comforting colours, and a little less about avocado bathrooms and shag carpets. Think 70s style, but toned down a bit. If you’re looking to recreate a subtle retro look, it’s all about warm colours. Mustard yellow and Ochre are probably the boldest of retro-inspired warm hues to go for - ideal for a statement piece like a sofa or accent chair. Browns, burgundies, deep greens and terracotta also work well.”

pink living room with red sofa and pink rug

Sofa: Model 05 in Brick.

“In past years we’ve seen a lot of geometric and abstract patterns - a lot of colour blocking has happened both in our wardrobes and on our walls. The retro trend is a brilliant way to combine both contemporary and vintage because of this. Use statement rugs and artwork with large geometric patterns, and combine this with lots of teak wood, rattan, chrome and terrazzo. You can go one of two ways with this trend - either a super relaxed boho vibe, or a sleek contemporary/retro mix - it’s totally up to you. Either way, I’m a big fan!”

red velvet sofa in retro style living room

Image: @maureen_gomez_interiors. Sofa: Model 01 in Brick.


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