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10 Beautiful Interior Design Trends 2022

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Ed Hawes
velvet green sofas

Redecorating your home can be a tricky task. Between choosing a paint colour you’ll still love in 6 months and picking up new furniture, there’s a lot to think about. If you’re wondering if grey is still in for 2022 or what will be trending in the world of home decor next year, we’ve scoured the current interior design trends to bring you the ultimate guide for what’s in and what’s out this year. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new wall colour, or want to incorporate some new details you’ve not done before, we’ve listed out the top ten home decor trends for 2022. Read on to feel inspired.

1. Going green

With the current trends leaning towards natural colours and biophilic design, going green in your home is really in style. Green hues are popular choices for kitchens and living rooms alike. Jewel tones are out though with the trends favouring more gentle sage and olive tones instead. If you can’t put up wallpaper or face the process of painting your walls, green furniture, such as sofas, is a great choice for those who want to bring this trendy hue into their homes. Every model of Swyft sofas are available in a rich, leafy green colour that we call Vine - the perfect shade of green to fit this trend.

2. Bring the outdoors in

mid century living rooms

Biophilic design is a huge trend in this year’s interior design world. This is a design concept that focuses on our innate human connection to nature. It incorporates nature at its core (rather than as an afterthought) and is all about bringing the outdoors into your home decor. Adding heaters and cosy blankets to an outdoor space such as a conservatory or balcony can help satisfy the need to spend time outdoors during the colder months while bringing plenty of plants inside can help you feel relaxed and peaceful.

3. Sustainability is key

As well as a huge rise in the sale of house plants, there has been a big focus on eco-friendly homeware recently as well. As more and more people are becoming aware of their buying habits and leaning towards more conscious consumption, eco-friendly homeware and decor has become a big trend. This includes an increase in low-waste living, more people trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the home, and more people buying second-hand pieces from vintage or antique shops.

4. Au naturel

Introducing natural materials and interesting textures into your home decor has become a big trend over the last few years and 2022 isn’t set out to be any different. Introducing natural materials into your home decor can be an extension of biophilic design and letting people feel more in touch with nature. These materials also go hand in hand with the texture trend as many natural materials have unique textures that add rich depth and detail to a space. Some materials you will want to include in your interior decor include light blonde timber, clay pieces, linen, wool, and rattan.

5. Wave hello to wicker

wicker baskets

Speaking of rattan, sculpted rattan is a big trend coming to the fore in 2022. Long gone are the rickety old rattan furniture pieces from your nan’s house. Instead, modern weaving techniques offer interesting silhouettes and a unique texture that work both indoors and in a porch or conservatory. Rattan is a type of furniture made from the rattan vine but you can find synthetic versions of it as well. It’s best used as a feature or finishing detail as opposed to a full furniture suite to help avoid your house feeling outdated. Bring it in as decorative panels in cupboard doors, as a fancy lampshade, or as a statement armchair draped in fluffy throws to make the most of this trend.

6. Add some texture

To add depth and detail to your space without making it look busy or overly maximalist (unless that’s your style, of course), the addition of texture is key. Textured walls and slatted wooden panels in furniture or cupboards can add a point of interest without adding extra colour. Fabrics such as deep pile boucle, mohair, and sheepskin can give a great amount of detail without overwhelming the eye. Adding texture can be as simple as draping a throw over the arm of a chair or investing in a brand new sofa. Made from soft, strokable velvet or comfortable linen, Swyft sofas are the perfect way to add texture and detail to your home decor.

7. Redefining Open Plan

linen armchairs

Open plan living isn’t going anywhere, you’ll be pleased to know, but with more and more people making the shift to working from home full time, having spaces that double as more than just a living room has become more important than ever.

Flexible living spaces are really important as people are now using one space in multiple different ways: as an office, school, living room, and dining area, among others. In terms of broken-plan living (a play on the term “open-plan living”), segmenting your space with room dividers, curtains, or bookcases is very much on-trend and can help to keep your work separate from your living room and allow you to transition between the two, ensuring your work-life balance stays in check.

8. Home office

If you have the space, having a fully decked out home office is very much on-trend, so turning that box room into a cosy workspace is ideal. This trend means that we're seeing the incorporation of desks and workspaces into bedrooms and living rooms as part of the norm, especially for those households where multiple people need to work, or study, from home at once. A hallway wardrobe, kitchen corner, or nook in the living room can all be used as a home office with some clever decorating. Decorate your home office with a desk and desk chair, framed prints, and a comfy armchair from Swyft for the ultimate flexible workspace.

9. A pop of colour

decorative items

Unusual focal points of interest are the ultimate way to introduce colour and detail to your interior decor without adding too much clutter. Regular vases do an admirable job of holding flowers but then there are statement vases. Statement vases add interest and a pop of colour to a bare mantlepiece or hallway console table. They are pieces of artwork in their own right and have the power to transform an interior in an instant. Big bold, oversized designs and unusual shapes are dominating the 2022 interior design collections so are a must-have in your home.

10. Stripes on stripes

Our final top 2022 home trend is mixing stripes with more stripes. The stripes on stripes trend helps to add interest and detail without overloading on colour or overwhelming, clashing patterns. To make the most of this funky trend, pair a set of striped bed sheets with striped pillowcases, cushions, and throws in different colour combinations. Alternatively, match striped sofa cushions with striped macrame wall art for a boho twist. This is a great design choice for spaces such as a conservatory or beach hut as it puts a new, fun, spin on an otherwise fairly monotonous pattern.

The Perfect Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa can be tricky, especially one that will stay timeless and resilient in the face of ever-changing interior design trends. Thankfully, Swyft has the perfect range of sofas to suit any home decor style. The timeless shapes of our sofas stay modern and relevant and are available in a huge variety of colours - perfect for statement pieces and classic decor styles alike. Drape with colourful throws in the winter and change out decorative cushions depending on the season to keep your sofa up-to-date and relevant! 

Our sofas are comfortable and built to last no matter how much the home trends change. Shop Swyft sofas today and find the perfect couch for your home.
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