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10 ideas on how to style a grey rug

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Ed Hawes
how to style grey rugs

You might think that styling a grey rug is easy; that’s true to some extent. Grey is an extremely versatile colour, it goes with everything. Literally. So when it comes to the colour grey and how to style a grey rug, it’s an open field. 

There are many ways styling a grey rug can be achieved, so to help channel your inner creativity and interior design prowess, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to style a grey rug, which should act as a foundation to build and plan your own ideas. 

How to style a grey rug?

Remember: It’s a grey rug, there aren’t many rules. But to help kick start your journey, here’s 10 ideas on how to style a grey rug – read the full article below for more detail: 

  1. Go with a Scandinavian style 
  2. Use bold colours 
  3. Think about Monochromatic 
  4. Double up rugs with layering 
  5. Go natural – add plants
  6. Add to Industrial style room 
  7. Use clever lighting 
  8. Mix textures 
  9. Mix styles 
  10. Introduce Boho to your interior 

1. Go with a Scandinavian style

Just like two peas in a pod, a grey rug goes hand-in-hand with Scandinavian design. A grey rug is the definition of neutral, so if you’re going after a neutral interior the first step would be to paint the wall white or off-white. A Scandinavian style promotes light wooden furniture, soft furnishings and pure minimalism. Every item in the room must have a purpose, boast open spaces and textures that add interest. Again, Scandinavian design is the perfect companion for a grey rug. 

2. Use bold colours

Grey is a neutral colour which means it can be teed up with a number of colour ways. Bold, pops of colours is one of those colour schemes that pairs beautifully and is a way to add colour to the room. 

Add bold coloured cushions to the sofa, mustard or coral ornament accessories to the shelving units, and decorative art that boasts pops of colour. Be creative and you'll be guaranteed to add personality to an otherwise neutral room. 

To balance the room, you can also add a bold coloured sofa. In the room set below we used a henna modular sofa, a soft orange, brown that helps add colour to the room. 

grey rug with orange sofa

3. Think about Monochromatic 

Grey on grey on grey. Using monochromatic shades of grey throughout the room can create a sophisticated, luxurious look. If the grey rug is your starting block, you can design the style of the room to be different shades of grey. A charcoal sofa, silver ornaments, light grey cushions and throws, or a glass coffee table with silver legs. 

grey rug and grey ottoman

4. Double up rugs with layering 

Ever thought about layering rugs? It’s a technique that’s not covered often, but placing a smaller, patterned or textured rug on top of your grey rug can be an effective way to create interest and focus. 

5. Go natural with plants

In some instances, contrasting against a grey rug can be an incredibly effective way to introduce colour to the room. Place green plants around the room; a large floor plant and a couple shelving plants. Light wooden furniture blends well with the grey, whilst jute or wicker can create texture and focus to the room.

Using pastel colours and natural fabrics for your cushions and throws can be another natural way to add colour to the room.    

patterned grey rug

6. Add to an Industrial style room 

Industrial is a style we’ve seen come and go in recent years – but no matter what anyone says, it looks great. A grey rug will also look good in an industrial setting, as the rug will pair well with the exposed bricks, leather sofas and accents of metal or silver items. 

7. Use clever lighting 

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, lighting is important to any room, especially the lounge. Lighting should be used with intent: what atmosphere or ambiance do you want to create? For example, when it comes to grey rugs, white lighting can make a grey rug feel warm. Whereas, LED lights can make the room and rug feel more contemporary or modern. 

Whether it's ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, or dim lights, it’s important to think about how you want the room to feel and whether grey fits in with that.

8. Mix textures 

Not only is mixing textures on-trend, but it’s a great way to incorporate a grey rug to the space.  

A leather or velvet sofa, cushions made from wool, silk throws and cotton curtains; every piece of upholstery has a different texture, some stronger than others. Mixing them together will not only create interest, but will also go well with a grey rug.  

light grey cream rug

9. Mixing styles

For interiors that are traditional yet contemporary, modern yet timeless, using a neutral grey rug will help bring those two opposing elements together. A grey rug is a neutral piece that can help balance an antique side table with a contemporary sofa.

Using intent and consideration when placing a grey rug can be extremely beneficial, especially when multiple styles are involved in a single room. 

10. Introduce Boho to your interior 

Boho is hot right now, and we couldn’t think of a better interior design trend to incorporate a grey rug with. Using patterned textiles, eclectic furniture, and a variety of plants, is the perfect grey rug accompaniment. The grey rug acts as a way to balance the bold, eclectic colours and patterns and is a great way to merge styles. 

Styling a grey rug can be seen as liberating or paralysing – there are a multitude of options, they are endless. Due to the grey rug’s neutrality, it can be paired with any style or colour scheme. Take these steps, ideas as examples, but do your own thing, have fun with it and don’t overthink. At the end of the day, it’s a grey rug. 

Imagine if our base item was a peony, patterned pink rug – a blog, or minefield, for another day. Styling a grey rug should be fun, creative and easy.  

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