Limited edition boho cushions

Hello, boho cushions. Introducing our limited edition cushion collection, the perfect addition for any boho style living room or boho bedroom.

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Limited Edition Boho Cushion Range

Create a laid back bohemian style look with our stylist’s pick of boho cushions. Choose your own combination of eclectic fabrics, colours and sizes inspired by boho living - available for a limited time only. The boho scatter cushions come in three sizes; 30 x45, 45 x 45, 50 x 50, with or without piping.

Boho Scatter Cushions

The boho scatter cushions will add a touch of bohemian style to your living room. With patterned, print and earthy plain designs, there's a cushion for any room-set. If boho style doesn't fit your colour scheme, do not fear, we also have a collection of plain designs that are here to stay.

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boho cushions

Boho bedroom

Create a free-spirited inspired boho bedroom by adding boho style cushions. Not only are cushions a great way to add texture, layering and interest on a bed, but they can also be introduced with a bedroom armchair. Further exaggerating the relaxed look and feel of the room.

boho cushions

Boho Living Room

Adding boho cushions to your sofa is the easiest way to incorporate a bohemian style to your living room. Combining a collection of colours, looks and patterns will exaggerate the interiors' relaxed look and feel.

boho living room

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Boho scatter cushion FAQs

All of your boho cushions questions answered.

  • What is Boho Style?

    Boho style is short for bohemian style - a decor and fashion trend that encompasses free-spirit and eclectic interior aesthetics. That means the blending of different patterns, textures and colours from different periods and styles.

  • What are the key elements of boho decor?

    Boho decor is known for its eclectic style that combines patterns and textures with natural materials, like wood, stone and rattan, to create a warm space. Layering of cushions, throws and rugs is a key element in order to achieve a bohemian look. Non-traditional room layouts that avoid symmetry and follow an organic, free-flowing arrangement are common. Plants, earthy colours and vintage items also all work together to create a truly boho feel.

  • What are the main boho colors?

    Bohemian colours typically include rich, earthy tones that are natural and warm. Whites, creams and off-whites help to create a neutral backdrop. Whereas, rich jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red and dark turquoise are often associated with boho style. This eclectic look can be fine-tuned with metallics to create accents or pastels for a lighter boho style. Our limited edition boho cushions incorporate all of these styles.

  • Is boho similar to hippie?

    In terms of interior design, there is an overlap but the two styles aren't the same. Boho draws its inspiration from the unconventional, free-spirited ways of living from 'bohemians' during the 19th century. Hippies, however, get their style from counter culture movements in the 60s and 70s.

  • How do you use cushions in decor?

    Cushions can be a great way to add interest, colour, texture and patterns to your living space. The room's colour scheme will dictate which style of cushions you can use. You can use cushions to either complement or contrast the room's colour scheme and to add personality through patterns and prints. They can also be layered to highlight depth. In short, cushions can be used in a multitude of interesting ways for home decor.