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7 garden projects you can get done in a weekend

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Olivia Lowry
7 garden projects you can get done in a weekend

Now we’re well and truly into summer, it’s the ideal time for tidying up outdoor spaces. Whether yours is a pint-sized balcony or you’ve got a fully-fledged garden, there’s always loads of opportunity to get creative with it. With BBQ season looming, we’ve rounded up some garden projects that’ll help refresh your space without taking up loads of time. Let’s get into it.

Create a DIY garden path

garden path gravel path DIY garden path summer garden ideas brick path DIY brick path

While this might look like a mammoth task, creating your own garden path is surprisingly easy and can be done in a weekend if you’re not shy of getting hands-on. For an English country feel, choose winding gravel paths. If your style leans more contemporary, choose stone slabs with clear borders. Whichever path you choose to create, make sure it’s practical for the way you use your outdoor space.

Make your own herb garden

garden herbs herb garden outdoor herbs

Calling all foodies - this one’s for you. Create your own herb garden in raised planters, or choose separate pots to grow your favourite ingredients in. Opt for a selection of already grown herb plants, or try propagating supermarket stems. Label your herbs and keep them close to your door for quicker access on rainy days.

Style with patio plants

outdoor plants potted plants patio plants patio ideas

Image: Urban Gardening, Pinterest

Adding patio plants is a bit like styling the inside of your home. Choose pots in colours that work together, and create a theme. For modern interiors, replicate this outside with concrete or slate effect pots. If a traditional or country look is more your thing, choose glazed or terracotta pots. Layering plants helps to create a visual border around your patio space. Style these areas with pots of different heights to create depth and give all of your new potted plants an equal chance to get some sun.

Get set up with outdoor lights

festoon lights solar lights garden lights garden solar lights

Image: Lights4Fun, Pinterest

Getting lighting right outside is just as important as indoors. When it comes to garden spaces, adding lights is mostly about creating an ambience. Use hanging string lights to create a welcoming patio area, or opt for a table centrepiece with candles. Take time to fix lights with hooks for a neater garden look, or opt for solar lights that don’t need wires.

Start a colourful trellis

garden trellis climbing plant wisteria plant wisteria flowers trailing plant with flowers


Image: Apple News, Pinterest

This weekend project is ideal if you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your outdoor space. Use a trough-style planter and build out your own trellis against exterior walls and fences that you can watch grow over time. Patience is key here - look after your climbing plants well and you’ll be rewarded with flowers in sunnier months.

Freshen things up with paint

garden fence grey garden fence grey fence paint garden makeover garden ideas

Image: Ideal Home, Pinterest

If the forecast’s looking good, get the paintbrushes out for this weekend project. Give your garden a facelift without too much effort by painting fences, gates and walls. If your garden’s on the smaller side, choose white and light colours that’ll help reflect the sun, making your space feel bigger. Make sure your paint is weather-resistant and works for the type of surface you’re painting onto.

Plant a wildflower garden

garden wildflowers native wildflowers wildflower garden how to create a wildflower garden

Image: Jo Thompson, Pinterest

For a budget-friendly upgrade, think about planting your own wildflower garden. Creating a space like this is great for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Start with a contained space or garden bed, and find a mix of wildflower seeds with colours that complement the rest of your garden. On balconies, wildflower mixes can be contained to planters and plant pots to add life to your outdoor space, no matter the size.

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