About Us

We started Swyft because we believed there was a better way to make furniture. 

We believe you shouldn't have to wait weeks for delivery, that your furniture should fit, no matter how many flights of stairs or tight doorways you have to get through. And we believe in great design, that's thoughtful, comfortable and will last a lifetime.

So, with this in mind, we sat down with a team of designers, craftsmen and marketing folk to build on these fundamentals. What happened next was a flurry of excitement. The designers scribbled away, our craftsmen got technical and the marketing folk had a branding brainstorm until the Sofa In A Box was born; a sofa which could be delivered to your door in 48 hours through the tightest of entranceways, assembled in minutes and delivered in small, easy to handle boxes. 

Our craftsmen will forgive you for thinking a sofa that comes in a box wouldn’t be comfortable, but that’s where you’d be wrong because we employ some of the craftiest craftsmen in town, who not only make fantastic quality furniture, they also make sure they are pretty darn comfortable too.

Between you and me, we’ve been dabbling in furniture for many years, secretly jotting down each problem we’ve stumbled upon: sofas not fitting through doors, long wait times for furniture, mix up with fabrics in the factory or manufacturing delays. We’ve seen it all. 

So, with this wealth of knowledge, we built a product that guarantees a seamless end-to-end experience, where comfort, quality, convenience and sustainability lies at its heart. 

After five years of planning and research, we launched Swyft in December 2019 and haven’t looked back. 


The world we live in is a lovely place and we want to keep it that way, that’s why we are working hard to minimise our environmental impact. We know we’re not quite there yet and we are always continuing to review our efforts, but we here’s three ways we are making an impact today:


Ecologi is an online platform designed to allow individuals, families and businesses to contribute towards effective climate action. Their mission is to reduce and mitigate 50% of current emissions by 2040. They aim to achieve this by rounding up the world’s pocket change, and directing it to solutions like forest restoration and carbon reduction projects, like renewable energy. They believe that with a little bit of money from a lot of people, they can support and restore nature, and accelerate the decarbonisation of global industries, to reverse climate change.At Swyft, we offset our carbon footprint by funding conservation projects with Ecologi. So far, we’ve directly funded a wind power project in Honduras and helped preserve 27,000 hectares of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Traceable, sustainable materials

We only use tracelable, sustainable materials when manufacturing our sofas, which ensures wood and other materials come from well-managed forests or recycled sources.

Recycled Packaging

We want to ensure our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials - easier said than done. Most of our packaging is cardboard, but in order to protect the cushions and fabric during transit we have had to use a form of plastic. This plastic is made with d2w technology.

D2w technology breaks down the plastic until it's no longer a plastic. It speeds up oxidation until the item can no longer be classed as plastic, with the end result leaving no trace of toxic residue or microplastics. D2w can be recycled with conventional polymer, is made with recylate and classed as biodegradable.

Living wage

We want to ensure our employees are well looked after no matter where they sit in the team. We are proud that our supply chain which we own is covered by the regional national living wage, which means fair and just working conditions for the entire team.