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Cruft-ify Your Dog Bed. How To Elevate Your Pooches' Sleep

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Ed Hawes
Dog Bed Ideas

Is it time your pooch got a much needed bedtime upgrade? If so, you’ve come to the right place.  

Back in the day, dogs weren’t always regarded as our fluffy counterparts. Man’s best friend used to work on farms, hunt foxes, and guard livestock. It wasn’t until the late 20th century when dogs were treated differently. Dogs started to become part of the family – more like pets. As society moved away from living off the land, the working pup saw a decline. Since then, we’ve seen a rise in the power of the pooch. A movement where puppies spend their days spoiled with treats, naps, baths, groomers and organic chicken meat. 

With that, pet shops and groomers are popping up as fast as Barbie-mania house renovations. They are everywhere. As our love for dogs gets stronger by the day, the industry is huge and only getting bigger. Tik Tok and Instagram will further validate this point. 

As dog bed designs grow in extravagance, competition between dog bed brands is getting fierce, more so than two Chows Chows at Crufts. That’s why, we’re taking a look at the different types of dog beds.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft dog beds?

Whether a dog prefers a hard or soft bed depends on the dog – some prefer firm support whilst others like warmth and softness. Keep a careful eye on your pooch to see whether they sleep on the floor or on the sofa. This might help you determine their preference.  

It’s also worth considering your pet’s health, size, and age. 

  • Health: your dog’s health might play a factor into the type of dog bed for them. If they have arthritis, for example, you might want to buy a soft dog bed. 
  • Size: larger dogs might need more support than smaller breeds. So, a bed with a cushioned ring might help here. 
  • Age: a young pup probably couldn’t give two cats where it sleeps, whereas a wiser dog might prefer cushioning.

Do dogs prefer square or circle beds?

Again, whether dogs prefer square or circle beds is down to preference, but there are a couple observations you could note. Dogs that sprawl – you know, the ones that stretch their front and back legs at the same time, or those that flap their paws when they sleep – they probably prefer larger square beds. Whereas, the dogs that curl up, might appreciate the comfort and security that a circle bed provides. It’s important to pay attention to their sleeping habits to get a full understanding of what they prefer. 

What types of dog beds are best for dogs?

Dogs can’t speak, so to understand their bed preferences you should observe how they sleep. Do they curl up, sprawl, lie on their back, choose soft or hard furnishings? A few nights of observing should give you an idea of their likes and dislikes.  

The type of bed you choose for your dog really depends on its size and breed. There are a multitude of dog beds to choose from each with their own key differences. With many types that come in a variety of fabrics, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. From bolster cushion beds to donut beds, raised beds to waterproof beds and, the epitome of luxury, the dog sofa. 

The Dog Sofa

First things first: dog sofas. Yes it’s a thing. And we love it. Dog sofas are miniature sofas that match your sofa. It’s opulence and sophistication that knows no bounds. But, we have time for it. A lot of time. And I’m sure your dog has time for it too.  

The dog sofa

At Swyft, we have one dog sofa in our Model 02 design. It comes in 55 fabric choices and colours. A style for every type of pooch. Will we launch more dog sofas in other designs? Maybe, never say never. 

The Dog Bed with Bolster Cushions 

The bolster provides an added sense of security for your precious pooch. And a much needed place to rest their heads – dogs are like humans; they want a pillow. This can be particularly true for older dogs who need neck support. Bolster cushions are also great for dogs that want to curl up, but lean against something cushioned. 

Dog beds with bolster cushions can come in a variety of sizes, materials and degrees of firmness. It’s worth looking into to make sure you get the right one for your pet. Dog beds with bolster cushions can also look great in your home, especially if you take the time to find a fabric that compliments your interior’s colour scheme. 

Fun fact: dogs hate the rain. Much like us, walking outside in the rain doesn’t appeal to them. 

The Donut Dog Beds 

Donut beds are shaped, exactly as the name suggests, in a round or oval shape. The entire dog bed is curved with a fixed bolster cushion on the rim. As with similar shaped dog beds, the donut dog bed is designed to provide your dog with a security blanket. The centre is usually extra soft to provide an extra layer of warmth, so your dog can curl up with extra comfort.

The donut dog bed is the most popular type of bed as most dogs curl up when they sleep. Also, most of these dog beds come with material that heats itself, which helps the dog stay warm during the winter months. 

The Raised Dog Beds 

A raised dog bed keeps your dog off the ground on an elevated platform. The bed is often made from wood, metal or plastic, depending on its cost. 

The raised dog bed has many benefits; the most important being that in the summer months it can help ensure your pooch stays cool. Equally in winter months it helps keep them warm. Another benefit is the raised platform ensures mold and other bacteria is kept at bay. And reduces the risk of dust and dirt from the floor contaminating the bed. 

A raised dog bed would also look great in your home. 

The Waterproof Dog Beds

Is your Woof prone to accidents? A waterproof dog bed might be a good option, especially if you have an older dog or one that is recovering from surgery. Aside from accidents, pups can be messy, so a waterproof bed will help protect the foam from water bowl mishaps. The fabric used is waterproof, preventing any accidents from soaking into the bed.  

A waterproof dog bed can double up as an outdoor bed, one which can be left in the garden during summer months, without the worry of rain ruing the bed. 

We said this at the start and we’ll say it again: Is it time your pooch got a much needed bedtime upgrade? If it wasn’t at the beginning of the article, it certainly is now. 

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