Whether you’ve already put the tree up, or are waiting till the very last minute to get into the festive spirit, Christmas is coming. And even the scroogiest of Scroogies need somewhere comfortable to sit while opening their mountains of gifts.

But most of you will already know that getting sofa delivery before Christmas is no easy feat. Especially with just a few weeks to go.

And that’s where Swyft is different. Our last order date is actually the 22nd December, so you can take your time deciding on your dream sofa - with plenty of time to spare.

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As we do with all new products, we sat down with the designer to run through the product in more detail. Only this time, we got hold of our co-founder, Kieran Hewkin, to get his thoughts on what we were trying to achieve with the Model 03 armchair, how it differs from our other armchair collections, and what challenges we had to face when it came to launch.
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Due to the changing nature of shopping habits, customers are now not only looking for high-quality products at competitive prices, but for convenience too. When we launched Swyft our first question was: Do people want quality furniture, faster? The simple answer is yes. But, there is still doubt and superstition surrounding ready-to-assemble furniture, especially sofas.
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