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How to choose the right furniture for an apartment or flat

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Olivia Lowry
two people sitting on a green velvet sofa

Furnishing an apartment or flat can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield of measurements and multiple Pinterest boards at once. Who hasn't brought home a piece of furniture, flushed with victory, only to discover it definitely doesn’t fit? 

The crux of the matter is finding that delicate balance between function and aesthetics. We all want our apartments to look like they’ve leapt out of a glossy design magazine, but we also want to avoid the "excuse me while I clamber over the sofa to reach the kitchen sink" situation. Even in the smallest of spaces, style should always be non-negotiable, going hand-in-hand with function. Here’s how to find the perfect furniture that makes your apartment feel less like a game of oversized Tetris and more like a home.

Scandi style apartment living room with neutral decor

Image: @claphamhome

1. Measure, measure and measure again

Time for a bit of a lecture here (you’ll thank us later). One of the biggest mistakes you can make when furnishing a flat is not measuring up. Doing this means you can create a floor plan, and it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Before you start browsing for your dream sofa or hitting order on dining tables, measure up every cm of the space. 

Grab a tape measure or laser version and take note of everything - from wall to wall, window dimensions, door frames, ceiling heights and more. Draw out a rough floor plan to start and add your measurements as you go - this will make visualising the space much easier.

living dining room with dining table and green sofa

Image: @katymitten

2. Create a floor plan of your flat

Now you’ve got your measurements locked in, the fun part begins. Plan your room layout by drawing out a rough floor plan, or find an app to do it digitally. If you’re starting from scratch in an unfurnished space, use a whiteboard so you can easily change up the floor plan as needed. The idea here is simply to start visualising where everything will be.

3. Think about scale

If you’ve already got the keys to your new apartment or you’re just thinking of replacing a piece of furniture in your flat, you’ll need to consider scale. An oversized dining table or four-poster bed might seem great on paper but could end up overwhelming the space. 

To get an idea of the scale of your furniture before you buy it, research measurements and map out each piece on the floor using masking tape. This way, you’ll be able to see how your pieces might work together, and reevaluate the size of your chosen furniture if you need to. There’s no need to pivot a sofa friends-style either. If you know you’ve got various stairwells, corridors and lifts to contend with, opt for furniture that comes flat-packed in boxes.

red sofa bed folded out

4. Make furniture multipurpose

Let’s face it - unless you’ve got a top-floor penthouse apartment, the chances are your flat probably isn’t a huge space. When space is at a premium, prioritise multi-purpose furniture and decor. If you think you’ll have guests over to stay, opt for a sofa bed that folds in and out with ease. 

Big on hosting? Make sure you’ve got extra places to sit with storage ottomans that double up as somewhere to store your stuff. In the living room, nesting tables can be easily tucked away under each other when you’re not using them. Essentially, it’s all about being clever with your choices when you’re trying to furnish an apartment.

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