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House tour: a look around Nina Gee's period renovation

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Olivia Lowry
Nina Gee's living room mantle and shelves

Everyone loves a home tour - you’d be kidding yourself if you pretended not to enjoy a look inside someone else’s place. If your spare time’s spent flicking through interior magazines and browsing Rightmove for your dream home, you’re in the right place.

Starting out as a blank (ish) space, creator Nina Gee (@ninageeathome) transformed her Georgian home into a perfect blend of contemporary and period style - and documented it every step of the way. With a following of 125k and growing, Nina’s audience gets to see everything - from decor successes to the challenges of renovating. Inviting us into her home, Nina met with our team to talk about her home’s journey.

Nina Gee and her husband in their kitchen

Hi, Nina! Thanks for showing us around. Can you tell us a little bit about your place? How did it look when you first got the keys?

“No problem - and welcome in! In terms of the house when we first moved in, it was completely different to how it looks today,” Nina explains. “It was very magnolia, had loads more internal walls which we’ve slowly knocked down one-by-one. It’s taken quite a lot of work to get it to the standard that it is today, to make it feel like our home and that it’s really representative of who we are as a family.”

Nina and her husband sitting in their snug living room


How would you describe your interior style?

“Earthy is one word that I’d use to describe it, and I guess that’s mainly to do with the colour palette,” says Nina. “I also think that my style has a real sense of cohesion, I like the fact that the rooms in our house feel kind of connected, and linked together. I’ve always aimed for a calming feel so I like when people can come round and get a sense of that relaxed vibe because of the way I’ve styled it. The way that the house looks today is definitely most true to who I am and what I love.”

dressing table area

landing area

Where do you get your decor inspiration from?

“I’m mainly inspired by the outdoors, really. A lot of my inspiration is very much taken from natural landscapes, especially anywhere that’s more rugged or rural. And of course, I’m inspired by so many other creators, interior designers and DIY-ers over on Instagram.”

kitchen room

kitchen room looking into dining area

You do a lot of the work yourself, which is pretty impressive. What was your last project?

“My snug room, for sure. This teeny room has been an office, dining area, but mainly a funny, neglected space. We turned it into a cosy living room, colour drenching the walls in green and found Model 03, a modular sofa that ended up fitting perfectly into the space. I really feel like the room now feels so much more elevated and considered - it’s the perfect spot to hunker down in.”

snug room with model 03 modular sofa

view of other side of the snug room with model 03 modular sofa

We love it. Thanks so much for showing us around your home, Nina!

“No problem at all, thanks so much for coming!”

Get tonnes of decor inspiration and join Nina on her renovation journey by following @ninageeathome on Instagram. Want more decor inspiration? Hit the links below.
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