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5 reasons to love faux leather sofas

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Ed Hawes
faux leather sofas

The team here at Swyft have always loved the way leather sofas look - it’s one of the reasons we brought out Chestnut as another fabric option for our sofas this year. Thinking of making the switch? Here’s 5 reasons to love faux leather sofas.

1. They're versatile

Fact: faux leather goes with almost every interior style. This is a really important one if you’re new to interior styling, or you think your tastes might change over the years. Faux leather gets top marks for seamlessly integrating into pretty much any space thanks to its timeless look.

Faux leather sofa bed

2. Faux leather is an ethical alternative

Choosing a faux leather sofa is considered to be a better environmental choice than real hide. If we’re going to state the obvious, faux leather fabrics don’t involve using any animal products, full stop. If it’s a more ethical choice you’re after to align with your own values, then imitation leather’s perfect.

Faux leather is versatile

3. Faux leather makes decorating easier

It’s good to know that faux leather sofas typically lend themselves to most colour palettes, no matter how out there they are. Good quality imitation leather will have a grain to it, which makes for some extra design fun playing with contrasting textures. Think boucle details, exposed brick, or oak floors. The combinations are pretty much endless.

Faux leather sofa

4. It's a comfortable fabric

In our opinion sofas shouldn’t just look good, they should feel good too. Faux leather, like Swyft’s Chestnut Leather has that buttery soft touch that’s ubiquitous with good quality imitation hides. Ideal for lazy lounging and properly stretching out.

faux leather sofa in mid century

5. It's a long-lasting fabric

A good quality faux leather sofa is just as durable as the real thing. Look for faux leather sofas that boast a decent rub count of 45,000 or more, if durability’s high on the agenda. Unlike woven fabrics, there’s no chance of loose fibres getting caught and pulling - ideal if you’ve got pets like our Swyft tester Herbie (pictured below).

faux leather sofa is pet friendly

Faux Leather Sofas: The Facts

How long does faux leather furniture last?

If properly cared for, faux leather furniture can last just as long as genuine leather. It’s worth noting that the quality of the faux leather and how much use it gets will determine exactly how long it’ll hold up.

How do you care for a faux leather sofa?

Aside from regular vacuuming, you should clean your faux leather sofa with simply a damp cloth. Faux leather is pretty stain-resistant, but if you need to tackle a more stubborn mark, blot the fabric clean with a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water.

Is a faux leather sofa durable enough for dogs?

Faux leather sofas are a great option for pet owners. Unlike woven fabrics, pet hair has a harder time sticking to the surface of faux leather, which makes cleaning easier overall. Similarly, faux leather sofas tend to hold odours far less than other types of furniture fabric.
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