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We're very proud to present some of the coverage that we've been getting. Below are a few of the articles and links for you to peruse at your leisure.

"The Swyft Model 01"

Dezeen - January 2020.

"London start-up Swyft has produced a sofa that one person can put together on their own without the need for any tools.Unlike other home-assembly flat-pack furniture items, which require a hammer, screwdriver or Allen key to put together, the Swyft sofa requires no specific tools...." Click on the image to read more.

"The geniuses at Swyft" - January 2020.

"Picture the scene: you have spent weeks picking the perfect sofa, you've ordered swatch after swatch to find the right fabric, you've marked with tape exactly where it will go, you've bought cushions, rearranged the living room, planned the set up of next year's Christmas cards – you've based your future around this sofa. Delivery day arrives and... in one fell swoop, your hopes and dreams are shattered...." Click on the image to read more.