Will my sofa fit?

Will my sofa fit?

We’ve all had that moment when our elation at having a new piece of furniture to add to our pad gives way to that sinking feeling in the gut when we’re faced with the reality of ‘oh no…will it fit?’ If a friend has ever asked you to help them move house, if you’ve ever asked a friend to help you assemble flat pack furniture, or if you’ve ever had an ill advised eBay purchase, odds are that you’ve had this feeling, too.

I hate that feeling and recently when I was moving into a new flat, with a precariously steep and narrow staircase, I was so glad to know that my Swyft sofa would fit, no matter what. Gone are the days of having to take doors off hinges and trying to rotate an unwieldy sofa in mid-air.

Luckily, Swyft have designed the easiest to assemble flat pack sofa known to man. The sofa is delivered to your door in 2-3 boxes, which are light enough for little old me to handle, so I’m pretty sure you won’t have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to handle these puppies. The quality of these sofas and armchairs also far surpass what you’re used to if you’re a flat pack afficionado.  With the 15 year frame guaranty and 2 year fabric guarantee, you can be sure that these couches and chairs will last the test of time.

Have you encountered these hazards of moving?

The steep or bendy staircase

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The narrow hallway

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The old fashioned lift

So you’re lucky enough to not have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to your flat, but the elevator is tinier than your commode. There’s no way to fit the full sized recliner chair or heavy sofa bed inside and you can’t face walking it up three flights, let alone ten.

If you’re unlucky enough not to have your very own Swyft sofa (remember, they can be delivered in as little as 48 hours), then here are some tips on how to handle these obstacles:

  1. Measure the couch dimensions.
  2. Measure everything the couch has to pass through or by (all door openings, hallways, ceiling clearance, radiators, bookcases, etc. that might get in the way of the sofa).
  3. Apply couch measurements to house measurements using advanced geometry and physics to determine the rotation and elevation needed to get said sofa through narrow openings.
  4. Take off all doors and hinges where sofa is too wide to pass through.
  5. Put your calculations into action and huff and puff while you rotate, angle and pivot to get that sofa through the impossibly narrow doorway, steep steps or tight corner.
  6. If it won’t fit in one piece, take off removable parts such as arms, legs.
  7. If it still won’t fit, try chopping it in half and then stitching it back together once in place.
  8. If you can’t fit it, no matter what, here are the UK’s best removals companies.

And here’s how to do it if you do have a Swyft sofa or armchair:

  1. Choose your sofa here.
  2. Your sofa will be delivered to your door within 48 hours and will arrive packaged in 2-3 boxes
  3. Move each box (you don’t even need help they are so light) to the desired location
  4. Unpack each box
  5. Click the sofa together
  6. Enjoy!

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