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Will my sofa fit through the door?

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Antonio Wedral
Will my sofa fit through the door?

When buying a new sofa, it can be very tempting to choose the biggest piece of furniture you can find. Not only will a generous sofa give you plenty of room to spread out and relax, it will also create a fantastic centrepiece in your living room. This can help to really make the space and give you the interior you’ve always wanted.

However, getting a large sofa into your living room might not be so easy. Narrow doorways, steep stairs and winding halls often make manoeuvring big pieces of furniture a challenge. In some cases, it can be all but impossible to get the sofa up the stairs, through the door, along the hall and into position.

To help ensure that you’re able to get your new sofa into its proper place, we’re taking a look at how to measure your new furnishing and how to select pieces that are guaranteed to fit like a glove.

How to get a sofa through a door

If your sofa arrives fully formed, the first challenge you’ll face is getting the sofa through the door. In most cases, you’ll have to move the sofa through the doorway horizontally. If you try getting it through the door vertically, you’ll probably end up bashing the end on your doorframe and damaging either the sofa, your home, or both.

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If possible, try to rope in a few strong friends to help with the heavy lifting. You may need to turn the sofa on its side in order to get it through the door, so the more helping hands you have, the better.

What if my sofa won’t fit through the door?

Large or awkwardly shaped sofas might be very difficult to manoeuvre through standard doorways. If you’re having trouble getting your new sofa to fit, first look to see if you can remove the feet or legs to reduce its width. In some cases, you may also be able to remove the back or sides of the piece and then reassemble them once it’s in position.

Can you buy sofas for narrow doorways?

If your home has particularly narrow doorways, or you know you want an extra-large sofa in your living room, it’s a good idea to opt for flat pack furnishings. Our contemporary flat packed fabric sofas are designed to fit through any door. Once in position, they can be assembled in moments, giving you the sofa you want in the place you need it.

Will my sofa fit up the stairs?

Stairs are another major challenge when getting a sofa into place. If you live in a flat, or want a sofa for an upstairs bedroom, it’s important to check you’ll be able to get the sofa into position. Again, a flat pack Swyft sofa is probably your best option. Light and easy to lift, our flat pack designs will fit up any staircase.

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If you’ve decided to go for a pre-made sofa, find out how wide and how long it is and then measure the narrowest point of your staircase, making sure to take any handrails or light fittings into account. If your stairs are wider than the height of your sofa, the piece should fit.

Will my sofa fit in the lift?

A lift is a much easier alternative to stairs, especially if you live higher than the first floor. If the ceiling of your lift is higher than the length of your sofa, it should fit when stood on its end. Make sure you put cardboard or a rug on the floor of the lift to prevent scratches to your sofa.

How to get my sofa through the hallway?

If you have a good ceiling height in your home, standing the sofa on its end will help you to manoeuvre it around corners and along narrow hallways. However, it’s still a good idea to check your hallway is wider than the widest part of the sofa before you order. This will make it a lot easier to get it into place.

Will my sofa fit through the door calculator

    The best way to calculate whether or not your sofa will fit through your door is to measure the door – along with the hallway and any stairs you need to navigate – and then check these measurements against the height and width of your sofa. You can find out more about how to measure your furnishing in our sofa dimensions guide.

    If you’d like to avoid the hassle of man-handling a sofa into place, invest in one of our contemporary flat packed designs. If you’re unlucky enough not to have your very own Swyft sofa (remember, they can be delivered in as little as 24 hours), then here are some tips on how to handle these obstacles:

    1. Measure the couch dimensions.
    2. Measure everything the couch has to pass through or by (all door openings, hallways, ceiling clearance, radiators, bookcases, etc. that might get in the way of the sofa).
    3. Apply couch measurements to house measurements using advanced geometry and physics to determine the rotation and elevation needed to get said sofa through narrow openings.
    4. Take off all doors and hinges where the sofa is too wide to pass through.
    5. Put your calculations into action and huff and puff while you rotate, angle and pivot to get that sofa through the impossibly narrow doorway, steep steps or tight corner.
    6. If it won’t fit in one piece, take off removable parts such as arms, legs.
    7. If it still won’t fit, try chopping it in half and then stitching it back together once in place.
    8. If you can’t fit it, no matter what, here are the UK’s best removals companies.

    And here’s how to do it if you do have a Swyft sofa or armchair:

    1. Choose your sofa.
    2. Your sofa will be delivered to your door within 48 hours and will arrive packaged in 2-3 boxes
    3. Move each box (you don’t even need help they are so light) to the desired location
    4. Unpack each box
    5. Click the sofa together
    6. Enjoy!

    If you’d like more information, you can find out more on how to assemble a flat pack sofa.

    How to make sure your sofa will fit?

    When buying a fully-formed sofa, you can never be 100% sure it’s going to fit through your doors, up your stairs or along your hallway. Luckily, there are a few styles of sofa that are perfectly suited to squeezing into small spaces. Here are some of our favourites.

    Flack pack sofas

    Flat pack sofas are arguably the best option for anyone worried about getting a new sofa into their living room. Flat pack sofas come in a number of easily manoeuvrable boxes and so can be carried up stairs, through doors and along the narrowest of hallways without a problem. Once in place, flat pack sofas can be assembled in moments to give you a beautiful, stress free centrepiece for your living room.

    Sectional and modular sofas

    Sectional and modular sofas are another good option for people concerned about fitting a new sofa into their home. Like flat pack sofas, sectional and modular designs will arrive in a number of different pieces. This means you don’t have to worry about getting your new sofa stuck halfway up the stairs or squeezing it through any narrow doorways.

    Narrow sofas

    If you have your heart set on a premade sofa, you may be able to find a narrow design that will fit easily into your home. However, while a narrow sofa may be less of a challenge to get into place, it will probably be a lot less comfortable to relax on. If you want something that’s manoeuvrable as well as comfortable, a modular, sectional or flat pack design may be a better option.

    Find out more about assembling flat pack, modular and sectional sofas, and learn about our beautiful contemporary flat pack sofa designs, by exploring our site or taking a look around our shop today.

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