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Interior Design Trends 2022: Predictions

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Ed Hawes
Interior Design Trends 2022: Predictions

How is it November already?! Christmas is merely weeks away and the New Year's fresh-face is just around the corner...

As we contemplate the disappearance of the last twelve months, it’s time to think about how the interior design world is shaping up for 2022. 

We spoke to a selection of interior and style experts to understand what their predictions are for the coming year. Ben White is one of the design and trade experts here at Swyft, Harriet Drohan – a freelance stylist who has worked with a multitude of furniture brands, and Chloe Jonason is well versed in designing, styling and creating interiors. 

What living room trends do you predict will be prominent in 2022?

B: Sustainability and use of organic materials has become prominent in recent years. With the public's increased exposure to climate change, the idea of sustainability has fed into the interior industry and our homes. 

This will translate into how we buy furniture; a move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal. We are looking for upcycled, antique or used furniture which has a story to tell; not only does its origin create great conversations, but it’s a greener approach to furnishing the home. 

Investing in meaningless furniture and accessories is a thing of the past. Minimalism will prevail as key to our interior design in 2022. Working from home means the notion of decluttering is now more important than ever. 

minimalist living room

C: A return to sectioned living areas rather than the open plan. With people working from home more, there’ll be a need to create: work stations, desk nooks, zoom friendly areas, multi functional living spaces.

H: Having spent so much time in our living spaces, embracing a more pared back home, with natural materials like rattan and cork, will create a harmonious space. Perhaps, also, ensuring the work from home space is more permanent, but the space will also have a focus on using the space to entertain again.

Will the living room trends be reflected through the rest of the home?

H: As we move to spend more of our working lives at home, people are looking for a space that is calming, relaxing, and also cosy. The warmth and texture of natural materials with purifying, mood boosting plants will help to achieve this throughout the home.

Let’s talk 2022 colour trends for the living room

B: Bringing the outside in; it’s a trend we’ve spoken about for a while, but next year it will come into fruition. We will see green and natural tones blended into our interiors through the use of plants, timber and terracotta. We might also see the use of green velvet sofas, sage or olive painted walls or jute textured rugs.

velvet green sofas

C: This is a hard one. I’m currently drawn to brown tones from burnt umber to smoky topaz. Brown hues make a fantastic backdrop to layer colour and pattern. Textures of brown can also create fantastic effects.

H: As we have seen a conversion to a more natural space, pops of earthy tones like rich reds, dusty pinks and chlorophyll greens. Be it in the paint, accenting architectural features or through the furniture, art and accessories. 

Which materials will we see more of in 2022?

B: Combining textures will be key to creating an interesting interior this year. We are far more confident with how we mix velvets and weaves – plush chenille scatters on breathable linen sofas give great depth to any room.

combining materials

C: Vintage textiles, and fabrics that are produced sustainably and with a slow ethos which moves away from mass production. From responsible companies with sustainability at their core who have a focus on handmade items that will last a lifetime.

H: To create a relaxing and enjoyable space, use rich and chunky textures and natural fibres in earthy complementary tones. Simple patterns like a chunky stripe, a hand of the maker illustration, or a traditional berber style rug will bring personality and depth to a room.

Which 2021 trends will we say goodbye to?

B: Fluted joinery or ornately decorated cabinets; I think that there will be a huge move towards simplicity. I’d imagine that pieces which are “stripped back” with organic textures, shapes and simple tones will be much more popular.

How can people add 2022 trends to their interiors without redecorating?

B: Wellness is now at the forefront of many decisions we make; whether it’s your home, your job or your daily routine. Make the most of natural light – see where it falls in your room and highlight key pieces of furniture or accessories. This will transform your interior.

Also, add plants. Shop around, you can buy a large Kentia palm or a Swiss Cheese plant for a reasonable price. Introduce different colours or textures with the pot or planter you select.


C: Thoughtful purchases that will last a lifetime and span generations. When you buy items for your home, think about whether you will be able to pass it on to your children.

Alternatively, a beautiful throw can be an instant update to a sofa or bed without costing the world and having to redecorate. 

H: An easy way to update your space is to switch up your accessories and furniture. Figure out your budget and plan around the largest change – a sofa or a rug update. Create a swatch board of colours and textures you like, and swap out your current room, bit-by-bit, as you find new products that fit the style you want.

Do you have any storage trend predictions?

B: For anyone who lives in any city, space comes at a premium. Storage furniture that can be multi-purpose is significant; its importance will continue long beyond 2022. Take a hallway console, as an example, it can double as a desk in the day, but slips back into its true home innocuously when 6pm rolls in.

As we continue to WFH, are there any home office trends for 2022?

B: 2020 changed the way we lived, slept and worked. There became this move towards “zoning” and creating areas for each area of our life. Compartmentalising made it easier for us to keep some normality in a very abnormal situation.

We are now smarter with our home purchases, keeping the room’s flow at the foreground of our decisions. Next year, we will be looking at pieces that have dual-functions which can adapt as we change throughout the day with a view to keeping open plan living spaces.

C: Create comfortable work spaces in the home, for example: ergonomic chairs that look attractive, good storage options, a beautiful desk, a handily positioned waste paper bin, a functional space that enhances your home.

When picking WFH office items, approach it with your interior hat on and choose items that not only look good, but are comfortable. Stylish items you’re happy to have on display at your home without needing to tidy away at the end of the day. 

H: They will become more permanent, gone are the days of computer monitors on our dining tables! As many businesses move to flexi working or WFH entirely, we are looking for this aspect of our lives not to take over our home. Maybe we will transform a corner of the living room or spare room into a home office. You can even get hallway sized desks that fold work away at the end of the day.

Will there be any interior styles that make a huge comeback in 2021?

B: Driven by culture –  TV shows: Halston, Glow and Pose, for example – there are nostalgic elements of the interior design of the 70s and 80s that will start to make a comeback next year. I think this will present itself in the purchase of statement pieces. Think of velvet armchairs that are plush, comfy with rounded edges – items that feed the soul.

C: I love working with natural materials, cotton, linen, rattan, etc. These natural materials will stand the test of time and be in our homes for years to come. 


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